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Wasaga Beach candidates

In Candidates / Election 2014
Oct 20th, 2014

Town election page 


Cal Patterson 705-429-4247 cal@calpatterson.com

David Foster 705-441-2211 david@davidfosterformayor.com. website davidfosterformayor.com

Questionnaire answers:  wb-foster

Brian Smith 705-422-0963 brian@briansmithformayor.com website 

Deputy Mayor

Nina Bifolchi 705-352-6571 ninabifolchi@gmail.com

Gary Cerantola 705-888-7652  contact@wasagabeachelection.com website 

Questionnaire answers:  wb-cerantola


George Watson 705-309-7653 george10902@sympatico.ca

Questionnaire answers:  wb-watson

Richard White 705-446-7939 Richard@richardwhite.ca

Brian Schryver 705-352-0158 schryver@live.ca

Questionnaire answers: wb-schryver

Ron Ego 705-518-8888 ronego@rogers.com

Questionnaire answers: wb-ego 

Bonnie Smith 705-220-9147 electbonniesmith@gmail.com   website  www.electbonniesmith.com

Questionnaire answers:  wb-smith

Matthew Taylor 705-220-8207 matt@pitapalace.ca

Questionnaire answers: wb-taylor

David Theodore 705-429-5109 dtheodore@rogers.com

Sylvia Bray 705-443-0520 sylvia@hecarpet.com

Questionnaire answers: wb-bray

Bill Stockwell 705-352-0292 lorst2@gmail.com

Martin Campbell 705-715-4357 martinjcampbell@gmail.com

Kurt Lehmann 705-230-0530 kraftwerkhi@gmail.com

Questionnaire answers:  wb-lehmann

Jim Di Trani  416-409-5777 nditrani@trebnet.com

James Gibson 705-352-0909 gibsonwasaga@gmail.com

Questionnaire answers:  wb-gibson

Ron Anderson 705-429-2970 ronandersonca@gmail.com

Tino Smardenka 705-888-1341  drz_400@hotmail.ca

Questionnaire answers: wb-smardenka

Edward Short 705-429-1406  edwardshortwasaga@gmail.com

Peter Richardson  855-533-4878 peter@irmglobal.com


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