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IDA Hot Topics for June 2023

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Jul 2nd, 2023

News release from the Innisfil District Association


Hot Topics
The Town is no closer to knowing when the Orbit will be started. There is no timeline for beginning of construction of the Go Station. Waiting for the right “Market Conditions” has been cited as one of the reasons for the delay. The Town, through the application process is making the delivery of the Go Train Station a top priority ahead of occupancy of units.

We Think You Should Know
At the June 7 Council meeting there was a presentation by Hemson Consulting on the topic of Development Charges (DC’s). A full explanation of how DC charges are set was in the presentation. With new Provincial guidelines and Bill 23, it is clear that less revenue will be coming in from DC charges. For example in 2024 only 80% of the DC charges will be allowed to be collected. This will increase over 5 years until today’s levels are matched or exceeded. One potential source to make up the difference in DC charges is higher property taxes.
Please see the Council meeting in the link below the discussion on DC’s begins at about 14 minutes in.

Short Term Rental
At the June 7 council meeting council received the 7th report on Short Term Accommodations (STA). There is still no clear policy in Innisfil on STA’s. For noise complaints, the By-Law officer issues an order, a secondary order and then they proceed to charges. The By-Law officer has no right of entry to the home. The statistics according to the Town indicate a 93% compliance rate after the first order. The large majority of people come into compliance without charges. There are two files going to court in Innisfil that take many months to get to court. If you have noise complaints contact Customer Service and after hours press Option 5.
The Town is looking to other municipalities for ideas such as licensing, penalties and or more by-law officers. The Town of Blue Mountains, Tiny Township, Prince Edward County and Ramara have licensing of STA’s. In Tiny Township both the “Responsible Property Renters” and those opposing STA’s are appealing licensing of STA’s to the Land Tribunal.
Please see the link below at 1 hour 21 minutes for STA discussion

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Pitch in Day
The IDA was once again involved in Pitch in Day cleaning up the 13th line. We would like to thanks IDA members Craig Bennett, Michael Boland and Ross Pityk for their outstanding efforts.

The IDA is reaching out to you our members, to let us know what issues or concerns you have in the Town of Innisfil or Simcoe County. Please write to us to let us know specifically what you’d like us to look into. Please keep in mind our Mission and Vision Statements.

  • IDA Mission Statement

Our mission is to inform and encourage Innisfil residents living within the Lake Simcoe watershed to work together to create a sustainable community.

  • IDA Vision Statement

We envision an environmentally sustainable community that promotes a healthy Lake Simcoe and its watershed.

Last Words…
As with the last five decades, the IDA has helped many residents navigate change. We are committed to continuing that legacy.
We thank you for your continued support of the work we do.
As always, if this message resonates with you in any way, please reach out, call, email, write or visit www.innisfilaction.com.
Donations can be easily made via e-transfer to innisfilidamembership@gmail.com.
Our yearly fee is just $30.00, or about 5 Starbucks coffees!

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