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Check candidates’ answers to AWARE Simcoe questionnaire 2022

In Adjala-Tosorontio
Aug 31st, 2022

Many candidates have responded to questions from AWARE Simcoe. You can find their responses on our website www.aware-simcoe.ca, then go to: AWARE > Candidates / Election 2022 on the menu bar and click on the required municipality. Links to candidates’ answers are provided next to their names on the list for each municipality.

Candidates: If you have not received a questionnaire, we apologize. Email aware.simcoe@gmail.com and we will send it to you.

If you have received it and not yet answered, no worries. We had set a deadline of September 15, but later is still fine – remember, voting starts as early as October 8.

Election information welcome

It’s election time and we are publishing election material that is sent to AWARE Simcoe by candidates and their supporters. Such publication does not constitute an endorsement by AWARE Simcoe. All candidates are welcome to use this website.

Our aim is to foster public debate and encourage the exchange of information regarding issues of importance to communities across Simcoe County. To that end, we will publish a wide range of opinions, including those which may not be aligned with positions taken by AWARE Simcoe. We do reserve the right to edit or not publish as we see fit.

2 Responses to “Check candidates’ answers to AWARE Simcoe questionnaire 2022”

  1. Alan Mills says:

    Why are Adjala citizens just now ( 3 weeks prior to the election ) being advised that their in person ( mostly private ) vote is no longer an option and they MUST vote on line or via phone ?
    Who ‘voted’ on this, when, and why were residents not involved in either the pre or post flow of information ?
    Is our municipal council unaware that we are predominately a seniors community at present and not all have a computer, let alone internet services. Yes, that may be their personal choice to be ‘unconnected’ but surely they should be still a part of their community ?
    Sure, we can come into the Municipal office on selected dates and times to receive assistance. But, what if we choose to vote in person ?
    Is that option no longer available ?

    • Deborah Hall-Chancey says:

      Mr. Mills
      Thankyou for your question. Council Agenda at the November 8th 2021 meeting had this report from the clerk recommending that council approve her recommendation to alternate voting methods for the 2022 election period. Public comments were welcome and none were received.
      Council then had a fulsome discussion on the matter and the following was voted on and in place:
      Internet/Telephone voting be allowed for the 2022 election By-Law No.21-68.
      The municipal office will be used as a designated voting /helping centre whereby if residents are uncomfortable voting at home they can come into the township office from Friday October 14th thru to October 24th during business hours of 8:30am-4:30pm and both Sat. Oct 15th and 22 9:00am – Noon.
      There are over 200+ municipalities in Ontario using this method this time around and in an effort to make the election more accessible to residents this is the method council choose this time around.

      Hope this answers your question

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