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URGENT! Sign to protect the purest water!

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Jun 20th, 2022
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Sign to protect the purest water in the world!
The groundwater below the Simcoe Uplands near Waverley in Simcoe County has been tested for three decades and is the purest water known to science. But it is threatened. Many actions to protect it are taking place. One is petition e-3867 on the House of Commons website

This is a national treasure! Join our cross-Canada campaign to save this water for future generations: A vital contribution to protection of this precious resource is your signature on the petition by June 30! Please share this message. 

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One Response to “URGENT! Sign to protect the purest water!”

  1. gary h rideout says:

    whyn would a government not protect the best water in the world .it boggles the imagination that they would take short term gain will for what will be the depletion of water forever if we keep throwing it away.do we really need to use the purest water in the world to wash rocks.and go below the water line to get it.

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