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Provincial election will determine tree seed plant’s ending

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May 14th, 2022
The ending of The Tree Seed Plant still needs to be written.

From BarrieToday, May 13, 2022

New Book Tells Unfinished Story of the Ontario Tree Seed Plant

Ontario’s Political Candidates Urged to Save Important Community Asset for EcoTourism, Local Job Creation & Community Development

Essa Township, Ontario: A new book has been released with an ending that still needs to be written.

It will be Ontario’s political candidates who will decide on the ending for the Tree Seed Plant: Will this important ecotourism and community development asset be saved – as proposed by the community? Or, will the “For Sale” sign be posted after the Ontario election on June 2nd?

THE TREE SEED PLANT tells the story of the near 100-year-old Ontario Tree Seed Plant, a provincial property.  It shares the efforts of the community, environmental groups and forest industry stakeholders to save this valuable community asset.

Located in Simcoe County, Ontario, the Ontario Tree Seed Plant has been long recognized as a world leader in:

  • tree seed collection, processing and distribution;
  • biodiversity preservation; and
  • reforestation.


The property is ideal as a viable centre for ecotourism, featuring both state-of-the-art as well as heritage infrastructure.  It can serve as a showcase for many local natural resources, such as the Minesing Wetlands and Nottawasaga River.  But the Ontario Tree Seed Plant’s purpose and history can tell us so much more.  The site has been responsible for billions of tree seeds which have grown into Ontario’s current tree population – both rural and urban.

The beautifully illustrated story builds on the actions taken by the community to stop the sale of the property.  And, it shares the local dream of turning it into a centre for ecotourism, community development and local job creation.

The story’s conclusion will be determined at the polls on June 2, and so a happy ending is not out of reach.

To learn more and get a copy of THE TREE SEED PLANT, contact Stephanie McCann @ 705-737-9821, Susan Antler @ 416-670-0510 or by email: plant@utopia.ca.

Stephanie McCann @ 705-737-9821
Susan Antler @ 416-670-0510

About the Ontario Tree Seed Facility
Located in Angus, Ontario, the Ontario Tree Seed Plant and its public seed bank provided genetically appropriate seed for reforestation on Ontario’s Crown land, afforestation planting programs such as the 50 Million Tree Program and Species at Risk Farm Incentive Program on private land, and an open service available to all Ontarians, from landowners to school groups to growers, to purchase a variety of native species’ seeds at a reasonable cost for any project.  Since 1923 and until the Ontario government made the surprise announcement to permanently shut down operations in 2018, this unique facility and its staff provided expertise and best practices to ensure high quality, source-identified seed and translated this into successful planting projects that helped preserve Ontario’s biodiversity, protected our water, air and soils, and supported jobs in the nursery, forestry and wood manufacturing sectors.  Next year will be the 100th anniversary of the Ontario Tree Seed Plant.

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