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Sep 30th, 2021

Simcoe County Greenbelt Coalition

Sometimes spending just a few minutes on a thing can have huge impacts far into the future. For Simcoe County now is such a time.

Sign The Petition For Better Communities

The Details

One of the key issues from the past federal election was action on climate change. But did you know that 50% of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions comes from municipal decisions? That means how and where we grow our communities has a big impact on our future climate. (This has led to the former Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, Dianne Saxe, calling sprawl Ontario’s oil sands.)

Currently, the County of Simcoe is undertaking a process called the Municipal Comprehensive Review (MCR) that will determine how our communities are built for the next 30-50 years. That timeline coincides with Canada’s 2050 net zero target.

The County has outlined that developers want access to 15,000 acres of farmland, wetlands and green spaces for sprawl. Our communities deserve better. Sprawl locks in wasteful, high-carbon lifestyles for decades, is expensive to maintain and difficult to retrofit, is unhealthy, adding strain and cost to our healthcare system, and isn’t safe. (See the link above re Dianne Saxe.)

We need communities that are healthy, safe, accessible, climate resilient, and cost effective. Urban planners call these 15-minute neighbourhoods – places where people can access their daily needs within a 15 minute walk.

We have a chance to pull together as a community, to have a significant impact on our future health and build communities that benefit all of us, but we are up against developers with a lot of money and a lot of people they are able to pay to push for more sprawl. This will be a tough fight, and we need your help.

Experts have long been saying that the way we grow our communities through sprawl is dangerous for our health and our planet. Now, we have the chance to speak up for meaningful climate action and healthier, more sustainable communities.

Sign our petition today asking the County of Simcoe to put the needs of people and planet before the greed of developers.

Sign The Petition For Better Communities

Want to Learn More?

We’re hosting with others a webinar this Friday, October 1st to help explain how communities all over the province are coming together to “Stop the Big Sprawl”.

You see developers are not just targeting Simcoe County for a massive land grab, but communities all across the Greater Golden Horseshoe. If they get their way, it will be a disastrous step back for climate action, community affordability, and prosperous neighbourhoods.  Register today.

Help Us Keep Decision Makers Accountable

We rely almost exclusively on community support from people like you.

What we do takes time to investigate and expose the issues that matter to your community and its health.

We speak truth to power to ensure that the needs of people and our planet aren’t easily ignored.

Every little bit helps keep our small, but mighty team going strong. This isn’t the time to slow down – this is the time for action and we’re committed to leading it.

Donors committing $25+ a month will also receive a unique digital print of a quote by one of our biggest supporters, Margaret Atwood, which she will personally sign and number. For donors of $40 or more a month she will personalize it as well.

Please consider becoming a supporter – like Margaret Atwood! – today.

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Slowing down a bit…

“Right now more than ever we are desperate for hope.
But what is hope?
For me hope is not more empty assurances that everything will be alright, that things are being taken care of and we do not need to worry.

For me, hope is the feeling that keeps you going, even though all odds may be against you.
For me hope comes from action not just words.
For me, hope is telling it like it is. No matter how difficult or uncomfortable that may be.”

Greta Thunberg, Speech at Davos 2021

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