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Oro-Medonte residents are entitled to vote for DM and Ward 2 rep – they should be allowed to do so

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Dec 9th, 2019
Oro-Medonte near Mount St. Louis

Oro-Medonte near Mount St. Louis – Wikipedia Creative Commons

AWARE Simcoe

The following statement has been released by the AWARE Simcoe board of directors:

Having transparency and accountability in government as the first item in its mission statement, AWARE Simcoe shares the growing concern of Oro-Medonte residents that the remaining members of Council might consider replacing their tragically deceased colleagues Scott Macpherson and Scott Jermey by appointment rather than election.

While appointment might be appropriate if the next municipal election was imminent, given that it is not due until October 2022, we believe appointment would constitute an affront to democracy. We therefore support the view that a decision of such consequence and duration should be made by the electorate through the convening of a by-election.

Election is the proper way for a member of council to be chosen, by those on whose behalf they will be making decisions, namely the residents.

Finally, the cost of a by-election is money well spent. This is a key decision that will affect Oro-Medonte residents over the next three years as well as into the future. Residents are entitled to make that decision. It’s a right that should not be taken away.

Here’s what happened:

Oro-Medonte votes 3-2 to appoint rather than elect

Hough, DeSousa appointed to Oro-Medonte councilĀ 

5 Responses to “Oro-Medonte residents are entitled to vote for DM and Ward 2 rep – they should be allowed to do so”

  1. Jean Brennan says:

    A by-election is necessary given that there are two positions available for approximately a three year period.

    Appointments cut the electorate out of the picture at a time in Oro-Medonte when we need good governance and good decision making rather than closed door decision making.

  2. Joe Daca says:

    I support the view that election is the appropriate way for council members be selected.

  3. Robert Shatilla says:

    I agree that by-elections must take place.

  4. Allan says:

    We will see in this council’s decision to appoint or elect whether the warning of George Washington in his farewell address holds true. Beware the love of power and the proneness to abuse it, as it can lead to oppression.

  5. Allan says:

    Well it looks like George Washington’s warning was correct. Today’s meeting was the most blatant display of political manipulation and abuse of power that I have ever seen and it’s probably going to get worse. If you want to see it for yourself take a look at the YouTube recording. To the 60% of residents who didn’t vote, you’ve allowed the vampires into our township and they’re sucking the lifeblood out of democracy. An overstatement you say, have a look at the recording from the safety of your computer.

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