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Hemp processing would be part of ‘Second-century Plan’ for Ontario Tree Seed Facility

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Aug 5th, 2019

Layout of Ontario Tree Seed Facility 

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Hemp collection and processing would be the commercial focus of the former Ontario Tree Seed Facility in Angus under an imaginative proposal that has been submitted to  Ontario Premier Doug Ford.

“The Ontario Tree Seed Facility will be the site for natural climate solutions, education and the working needs of our community, operating together as a source of synergy and inspiration for the citizens of Ontario,” the July 22 2019 proposal states. “The site will be called the Natural Climate Solutions, Community and Education Centre.”

The Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority and Essa Township are suggested as two government agencies that would play a key role. Industry partners would include Atlas 365, Atlas Hemp and Utopia Hemp. Forests Ontario, the Compost Council of Canada, AWARE Essa and Friends of the Utopia Mill & Park would also utilize portions of the site.

:The Ontario Tree Seed Facility is an important public-good property whose usage has benefited Ontario and our Society’s well-being for the past 97 years,” says Susan Antler, chairs of the Friends of the Utopia Mill & Park.  “Its value can continue to contribute to the needs of our Province through its transition to the proposed focus.”

Amalgamated report for Submission to Premier Ford


New vision sprouting for former tree seed facility in Angus

2 Responses to “Hemp processing would be part of ‘Second-century Plan’ for Ontario Tree Seed Facility”

  1. Ann says:

    What an amazing and exciting proposal!
    Hemp is the answer to eliminating plastic waste and pollution.
    Thank you Susan, and everyone involved, for all your hard work coming up with this incredible plan to save the OTSF property.

  2. Angie Belanger says:

    After seeing the proposal on the Tree Seed facility, it’s a very interesting proposal with outside-the-box thinking – at least this doesn’t involve real estate development. But it doesn’t give much back to Angus residents or Ontarians either. To say that “The proposal has been built based on the needs of our community” (Susan’s letter Jul.22) is more of an economic benefit to 3 hemp partners, not the community.

    Although hemp is an incredible product which needs to be more mainstream, hemp has a strong odour and really shouldn’t be in the heart of residences, schools or parks.

    I have a number of concerns:

    1. Commercial processing, manufacturing & shipping within a dense residential, educational (schools) & leisure areas (parks), Nottawasaga River – Odour, noise, traffic, road congestion, public safety
    2. NVCA – potential defunding, disbanding, core mandates – the recent news is a perfect example of this: https://aware-simcoe.ca/2019/08/conservation-authorities-stunned-by-yurek-to-whom-it-may-concern-letter/
    “I request that you review and consider your own conservation authority’s activities and begin preparations and planning to wind down those activities that fall outside the scope your core mandate,” Yurek wrote.
    “Bringing conservation authorities back to their core mandate will allow municipalities to better manage conservation authority budgets and programs,” the minister said.
    “I can only assume they are trying to avoid criticism about downloading conservation authorities’ programs and services to municipalities,” Kim Gavine, General Manager of Conservation Ontario
    If the government gets its way, “I see some smaller conservation authorities disappearing,” Ian Wilcox, GM for UTRCA
    3. Creation of commercial entities behind provincial Conservatorships – impact to Ontario taxpayers?
    4. Municipal road infrastructure:
    – Are municipal roads constructed to handle truck traffic? Certainly not Auburn, Alma or Margaret which might be used by trucks for re-positioning, detours, etc. just like what we’ve experienced with Hwy.90 construction on all sideroads & lines
    – Additional stoplights needed for trucks (eg: Huron & Centre, all along King & Centre streets surrounding Angus Morrison, all along Auburn, etc.

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