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Springwater candidates results – Municipal Elections 2018

In Candidates / Election 2018
Oct 23rd, 2018

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Updated October 23


– Don Allen 2,472

2018 AWARE Simcoe questionnaire – Don Allen

– Bill French 2,390

2018 AWARE SImcoe questionnaire – Bill French

– Tony Guergis 1,041


– Jennifer Coughlin 3,905

– Jim Sales 1,903

2018 AWARE Simcoe questionnaire – Jim Sales

Ward 1

– Katy Austin 478

2018 AWARE Simcoe questionnaire – Katy Austin

– Candida (Candi) Fernandes 58

– George Cabral 578

2018 AWARE Simcoe questionnaire – George Cabral

Ward 2

– Perry Ritchie ACCLAIMED

Ward 3

– Tyler Seif 444

– Wanda Louise Chapman 859

Ward 4

– Michael Beaudry 120

– Tony Boseovski WITHDRAWN

– Craig Davis 221

– Anita Moore 623

– Kenneth (Craig) Nixon 163

Ward 5

– Jack Hanna 885

2018 AWARE Simcoe questionnaire – Jack Hanna

– Reet Skelton 455

2018 AWARE Simcoe questionnaire – Reet Skelton

6 Responses to “Springwater candidates results – Municipal Elections 2018”

  1. Don Molloy says:

    Hopefully updated after tomorrow with all the candidates responses. One out of 17 so far.

  2. Don Molloy says:

    Four out of 17 as of October 5th. 13 not good with deadlines?

    I believe there are a lot of undecided voters at present and candidates need to get a clear understanding of their position on issues out to the voters in whatever forum that is presented to them.

  3. Charlie Renaud says:

    I find it rather telling when not all of the mayor and deputy mayor candidates submit answers to the questionnaire. Those whom have not participated will not be considered for the position in my books. Springwater Resident.

  4. Helen Hutton says:

    Those who have not responded will not be considered. In addition, those who have not followed through with their promises from the last election have also been removed from my list of contenders. Midhurst is OUR village, and those who do not seek to protect it unconditionally, will not under any circumstances receive any support from either myself or other family members.

  5. Anna Romano says:

    How many were influenced by candidate’s answers to AWARE questions (or lack of answers) and SCGC CLASS pledge? Let us see who will honour their pledge and answers going forward.

  6. Don Molloy says:

    I am wondering if there will be a legal challenge with the election results due to the issues with the online voting? Just based on the overall numbers recorded, the speculation has to be how many people voted or tried to vote online and it wasn’t recorded and how many people tried to vote online and gave up in frustration. Numbers recorded were substantially lower than last election and as this election was just as hotly contested as the 2014 elections and the population of Springwater has increased since 2014 one would have expected the overall number of voters to increase.

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