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Check candidates’ answers to AWARE Simcoe questionnaire

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Oct 10th, 2018

Many candidates have responded to questions from AWARE Simcoe. To find their responses, go to: Candidates / Election 2018 on the menu bar and click on the required municipality. Then open the post titled “(Municipality) Candidates – Municipal Elections 2018” for that municipality. Links to candidates’ answers are provided next to their names on the list for each municipality.

Candidates: If you have not received a questionnaire, we apologize. Email aware.simcoe@gmail.com and we will send it to you. Or, copy the questions below, paste into a document or email and send your response to us.

If you have received it and not yet answered, no worries. We had set a deadline of October 4, but later is still fine – remember, voting starts as early as October 9 (thank to Jason Malott for the correction)!

2018 AWARE Simcoe questionnaire

Candidate name / municipality / position / date

1. Water is a finite resource. Do you feel there is a need to protect water, wetlands and recharge areas from development, aggregate extraction and other intrusive activities in your municipality? If so, how will you achieve this? ANSWER

2. Development charges never fully cover the cost of new development. Will you make sure that all costs that should be paid by development charges under existing legislation are covered? When considering an application, on what basis will you decide whether a development is a net benefit for the community? ANSWER

3. Do you support/oppose expansion of the Greenbelt into Simcoe County? In either case, please explain why. ANSWER

4. Simcoe County Council chose a county forest in Springwater – zoned Agricultural – as the site for a (needed) waste handling facility, the Environmental Resource Recovery Centre. Springwater Township objected, pointing out that this is an industrial use and there are suitable properties zoned Industrial. What is your view? ANSWER

5. Since 1924, the Ontario Tree Seed Facility in Angus performed a vital task for the whole province of coordinating seed collection from 37 zones across the province to ensure seedlings are returned to grow in the zone to which they are uniquely suited. The Progressive Conservative government is reviewing the closing ordered by the Liberals. What is your opinion on this matter? ANSWER

6. If elected, what are your top three priorities? ANSWER

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Election information welcome

It’s election time and we are publishing election material that is sent to AWARE Simcoe by candidates and their supporters. Such publication does not constitute an endorsement by AWARE Simcoe. All candidates are welcome to use this website.

Our aim is to foster public debate and encourage the exchange of information regarding issues of importance to communities across the county. To that end, we will publish a wide range of opinions, including those which may not be aligned with positions take by AWARE Simcoe. We do reserve the right to edit or not publish as we see fit.




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  1. Rick Webster says:


  2. Please visit my blog to learn more about my campaign. I also have a facebook page called Building a Better Wasaga. Thank you.

  3. Jason Malott says:

    For those residing in Penetanguishene, voting opens on Tuesday, October 9th.

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