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Friends of Strawberry Island to Simcoe County

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Nov 29th, 2015
Strawberry Island

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From Change.org

Simcoe County Planning Department
1110 Hwy 26
Midhurst, On, L0L 1X0
Dear Mr. Kingsbury:

As you know, Simcoe County planning staff is now reviewing Ramara OPA 18 for Strawberry Island. Since a deputation on OPA 18 to Council is not permitted, I am sending this letter to you today to highlight new and old concerns about the proposed development for Strawberry Island.

I believe that OPA 18 does not meet the following policies in the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan:

∗ Policy 4.4-DP: Reduce Phosphorus Loading from STPs
∗ Policy 6.1-DP: “Existing Uses” only for Non-Settlement Areas
∗ Policy 6.2-DP: Protect Shoreline Protection Zone
∗ Policy 6.23-DP: Protect Significant Woodlands
∗ Policy 6.29-DP: Protect Natural Self-Sustaining Vegetation
∗ Policy 6.26-DP: Must be No Adverse Effects on Key Natural Features
∗ Policy 6.33-DP: Protect Significant Wildlife Habitat
∗ Policy 6.6-DP: Area to be expanded only by “minor rounding out”
∗ Policy 6.8-DP: No structures allowed to impede natural flow of water

I would be pleased to discuss OPA 18 with you anytime at your convenience. It is regrettable that Ramara Township adopted OPA 18 and passed it over to Simcoe County for approval. We hope and trust that Simcoe County will recognize the disregard that OPA 18 has for the Lake Simcoe Protection Act, the Provincial Policy Statements, the Growth Plan and the Simcoe County Official Plan.
Pamela Fulford for Friends of Strawberry Island

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