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Questions about the development industry

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Sep 12th, 2015
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How does the development industry work?

Does the development industry buy up cheap farmland and then lobby small municipalities to rezone the land to build sprawling urban subdivisions where there is no employment, forcing home purchasers to commute?

Does the development industry hire high priced lawyers to intimidate rural councils into rezoning lands for them?

Do the taxes collected from urban sprawl ever allow the municipality to pay off the cost of the development? If the answer is yes, then how come the taxes in large urban centres are always higher than rural areas?

Does the development industry spend big money paying high powered lawyers to write threatening letters to new municipal mayors who actually try to do what’s best for their municipality?

Does the development industry hire consultants and planners who will argue whatever case they want for huge fees? If yes, then are these consultants and planners ethical?

Does the development industry file so called SLAPP suits against citizens groups to intimidate them from opposing unwanted development proposals?

Where does the development industry’s investment money come from? Does it come from off shore?

If we are losing 250 acres of farmland every day to urban sprawl, how long will it be before we run out of farmland? If we run out of farmland where we get our food from?

Does the development industry care if future generations run out of farmland?

Can citizens’ groups ever successfully fight the development industry to stop unwanted development proposals?

Interesting questions don’t you think?


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  1. Ann says:

    We lose 350 acres of farmland every day in Ontario… not 250!

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