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Springwater deserves a more courageous deputy mayor

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Oct 7th, 2014

From David Strachan, Midhurst

I was disappointed to read Springwater Deputy Mayor’s mailing and to watch his video (scripted by the same ghost writer). Dan’s past record is not as strong as Paul’s faith in Dan’s ability for the future. Here are some examples of past performance:

Dan McLean says he “understands the worries of people in Midhurst who feel that the MSP will be catastrophic to their village and to the Township of Springwater”.

In his 2010 election campaign, McLean wrote, “(I will) Ensure that no growth is approved that will use farmland”.

Why therefore, when he became Deputy Mayor, did he not speak out against the plan, adopted by his predecessors, to build 10,000 houses on class 1 and 2 farmland around Midhurst?

What was his position when Mayor Linda Collins wrote to the Province on January 31, 2011 lobbying for more population to be allocated to Springwater in support of the Midhurst Secondary Plan and voicing her objections to the Province’s proposed Interim Settlement Area Boundaries, which should be no larger than that the lands needed to support provincial population forecasts through 2031?

(The MSP was not appealed to the OMB by the Province until October 28, 2011 – for failing to comply with Provincial and County policies. The “Special Rule” for Midhurst was not enacted until January 19, 2012. 

McLean had plenty of time to question the wisdom of this plan).

Why, as County Councillor, did McLean not question Mayor Linda Collins when she voted on Corporate Services Committee, October 12, 2011, to approve the MSP and add 27,000 people to a Springwater population of 18,500?

Why, as a County Councillor, did he not support Councillor Rob Keffer’s motion to review the Midhurst Secondary Plan decision at a full Simcoe County Councillor assembly?

Why, when developers took the Township to the OMB for failing to amend Zoning by-law 5000 to rezone the subject lands from Agricultural to Residential, did McLean not defend the Township’s position not to rezone, until the EA and Financial Impact Studies had been completed?

Surely Springwater deserves a more courageous Deputy Mayor. I don’t believe that Don Allen or Les Stewart would have passed so many opportunities to speak out against such a “catastrophic” Secondary Plan and I am sure that neither would have snubbed the All Candidates Meeting in Snow Valley.

2 Responses to “Springwater deserves a more courageous deputy mayor”

  1. Tom Kinnear says:

    Well said……too many voters need to know the real truth and facts.
    It still baffles me how a responsible person could push for this very unsmart growth.
    We can only hope that Springwater electors will vote smart in this crucial election!

  2. Steve Kelman says:

    Yes well said David Strachan. Collins and Mclean obviously feel their role is to serve the developers rather than the citizens.

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