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Springwater Township claims: Premier Wynne Will Not Review the Midhurst Secondary Plan

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Oct 6th, 2014

AWARE Simcoe note: Wynne’s letter states she does not plan to review the MSP. As mayoral candidate Bill French points out, No elected official from Springwater has asked for a review of the MSP or the Special Rule so of course the province has no plans to do so… (the letter) suggests the door is open to the Premier’s office and I plan to be there at the will of the next council asking for the review.

News release from Springwater Township

Springwater received a letter from Premier Kathleen Wynne confirming that the Province of Ontario does not plan to review the Midhurst Secondary Plan (MSP), nor will the Province re-examine the Transition Regulations.

Springwater’s Official Plan was first approved in 1998; the Midhurst Secondary Plan (MSP) was adopted by County Council in 2011. The Midhurst Secondary Plan (MSP) has been reviewed by the County of Simcoe, the Nottawasaga Conservation Authority (NVCA) and Simcoe School Boards.

The Province amended Provincial Regulations governing Growth Plan which effectively permitted development for up to 300 hectares of land specifically within the Midhurst Secondary Plan (MSP).

The Township established more than 150 conditions for developers to adhere to; these conditions will ensure that the interests of the public are safeguarded. All conditions submitted must be met before any development is permitted to move forward.

“I would like to confirm that we do not plan to review the Midhurst Secondary Plan or the Special Rule in the Transition Regulation. There will be further environmental assessment approvals needed; however, these will follow the usual process as required.” – Premier Kathleen Wynne

“The October 6, 2014 letter from Premier Kathleen Wynne reiterates that the Township has been taking the steps to ensure this development is done in accordance with Growth Plans established by the Province of Ontario,” states Robert Brindley, Chief Administrative Officer, Springwater Township. “We will continue to engage our residents to protect the interests of the community.”

Premier Wynne’s letter to Mayor Linda Collins


7 Responses to “Springwater Township claims: Premier Wynne Will Not Review the Midhurst Secondary Plan”

  1. Roy Monk says:

    Oct 6th all candidates meeting was a few “Bricks short of a load” meaning Collins, McLean and Guegis all AWOL and replaced by a speaker on their behalf that read a concoction with many BOO’s. What a way to “Win Friends and influence voters”. Goes to show the arrogance of these 3.

    • Richard Hubbert says:

      In response to Mr. Roy Monk, I would like to point out the obvious, Kathleen Wynne was elected Premier of this province with a solid majority a few short months ago. In contentious situations such as we are facing here with the Midhurst development, it is not only the responsibility, but the duty of the senior level of government to clarify issues of broader interest to the province. There has been an organized campaign of disinformation ongoing within the township these past few months that could, if not addressed, unfairly affect the outcome of our municipal election. The Premiere has exercised her responsibility to clarify contentious issues, for everyone in clear concise language, that even those not conversant with the planning process understand that this process has played out as intended. Candidates Collins, McLean and Guergis being experienced and knowledgeable in these matters recognised that the Premieres letter rendered attending a further meeting pointless. The process has worked, and it is time to stop wasting money and move on.

  2. Bill French says:

    “At first I was surprised at a letter in the middle of a municipal election about a contentious issue. However when I read it, it really says nothing. No elected official from Springwater has asked for a review of the MSP or the Special Rule so of course the province has no plans to do so. My further reading suggests the door is open to the Premiere’s office and I plan to be there at the will of the next council asking for the review.”

    • Tom Kinnear says:

      Now that makes the most sense!
      Mr. French sees the big picture. Springwater electors….now is your chance to elect
      a sound thinking moral mayor!

  3. Ann says:

    Why is there no date on the Premier’s letter?
    It looks to me that it was blocked out before the letter was released to the public because there’s a big gap at the top of her letter where the date would be.
    Likely Mayor Collins received this letter earlier than October 6, but she wanted to release it on the same day as the AC meeting at Snow Valley and use it as a distraction and a reason for her and Dan McLean to not show up for the AC meeting. The timing of this letter is just too much of a coincidence!

    Also, the Premier made the promise to the MRA to review the MSP and the ‘Special Rule’ during the provincial election..NOT to Springwater Township! So why would she send this letter to Mayor Collins and not the MRA? What did Mayor Collins tell her at the IPM to prompt this letter?

  4. Roy Monk says:

    Excellent comments, they don’t include the fact that the current executives of Springwater twp (mayor Collins, Deputy Dan and the Past mayor Tony didn’t do their due diligence and played second fiddle to developers sale pitch rather than listening to the nearly 40,000 signatures against Midhurst Stupid Plan.

    The 3 do not want anyone to know that the Wynne government is working with the Municipality of Waterloo, thru the courts to back out of what the OMB approved of Waterloo excessive population and land distortion that the Municipality didn’t bargain for.
    Sounds like shades of Springwater/Midhurst, doesn’t it?
    That is why we need to change the channel and elect a council that listens to the tax payers and have the smarts to join with Waterloo and other municipalities that are having the same dispute with developer lead OMB.

    Time is now. Vote Smart.

  5. Ann says:

    You’re right Roy, the OMB has just become a tool for the developers and their high-priced lawyers and badly needs to be revised or completely scrapped. The OMB mostly rules in favor of the developers and their deep pockets, and the regular taxpayers can’t afford to get involved in the process and defend their side. They also have to worry whether they’ll get SLAPPed. The whole system is totally out of whack!

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