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Barrie candidates

In Barrie
Oct 20th, 2014

City of Barrie election page:


Jeff Lehman – 705-716-5444  (Incumbent)

Questionnaire answers: ba-lehman

Email: info@jefflehman.ca
Website: www.jefflehman.ca

Ram Faerber – 705-726-4605 705-721-9492

Questionnaire answers: ba-faerber

Email: marzena.milczach@hotmail.com

Zachary Gillespie-Rogers

Email: candidatezach@gmail.com

Ray Mawhinney – 

Questionnaire answersba-mawhinney

Email: workingforyou@bell.net

Website: www.raymawhinney.com

Ward 1

 Bonnie Ainsworth705-725-9002  (Incumbent)

Questionnaire answers: ba-ainsworth

Email: bonnie4ward1@gmail.com

Website: www.bonnieworks4you.com

Clare Riepma705-737-1080  / 416-346-8258

Questionnaire answersba-riepma

Email: clare@voteforclare.ca

Website: www.voteforclare.ca 

 Ward 2

Austin Tyler Genge705-220-5012

Email: tyge985@gmail.com

Website: www.strikingly.com/voteaustin

 Steve Jones705-309-7684

Questionnaire answersba-jones

Email: info@jonesforward2.com

Website: www.jonesforward2.com

James McVeigh705-716-4506 705-500-4374

Questionnaire answers:  ba-mcveigh

Email: office@jtmcveigh.ca

Website: www.jtmcveigh.ca

Rose Romita705-722-7763

Email: info@roseromita.com

Website: www.roseromita.com

Barb Stuhlemmer 705-728-7801

Email: barbstuhlemmer@gmail.com

Website: www.barbforward2.com 

 Ward 3

Doug Shipley705-720-2330  (Incumbent)

Email: contact@dshipley.ca

Website: www.dougshipley.ca

Ross Wuerth416-562-5088

Email: ross.wuerth@gmail.com

Website: www.rosswuerth.com 

– Ken Parsons – 705-279-5154

Email: ken4ward3@outlook.com

Ward 4

Adrian Bowles

Email: adrianbarrie@hotmail.com

Website: www.adrianforbarrie.com

Caroline Smith 705-735-1939

Questionnaire answers: ba-smith

Email: caroline.smith@rogers.com

Justin Heran705-791-2001

Email: justinheran@gmail.com

Website: www.justinheran.ca

– Barry Ward – 705-737-0318  (Incumbent)

Questionnaire answers: ba-ward

Email: barryward4barrieward4@gmail.com

Website: www.barryward.ca

Ward 5

Harry Ahmed 705-241-9435

Email: voteharryfor5@gmail.com

Website: www.harryahmed.ca

Yvonne Heath 416-574-5269 / 416-946-5476

Questionnaire answers: ba-heath

Email: yheath@live.com

Mike Montague705-718-6119

Questionnaire answersba-montague

Email: mike@gimmeshelter.ca

Website: www.mikeforward5.ca

Peter Silveira705-500-1154  (Incumbent)

Email: ward5@petersilveira.com

Website: www.petersilveira.com

Micheline Piotrowski – 705-727-1533

Email: micheline.piotrowski@telus.com

 – Robert Thomson 705-500-1780

Email: robertthomson4ward5@gmail.com 

Ward 6 

Michael Prowse 705-720-6588  (Incumbent)

Email: michaelprowse4ward6@gmail.com

Website: www.michaelprowse.ca

Ward 7

 John Brassard 705-716-2026  (Incumbent)

Email: johnbrassard@rogers.com

Website: www.reelectjohnbrassard.com

 Andrew Barranger

Questionnaire answers:  ba-barranger

Email: electbarrangerward7@gmail.com

Website: www.barrangerforward7.strikingly.com 

Lincoln Bayda 


Website: www.gridlocksolved.com

Brandon Vieira

Questionnaire answers:   ba-vieira

Email: brandonforbarrie7@outlook.com

Richard Crocitto 705-791-6987


Ward 8

Arif Khan 705-812-0788  (Incumbent)

Email: info@arifforward8.ca

Website: www.arifforward8.ca

Ghulam Jilani705-770-7877

Email: jilani4ward8@hotmail.com

– Micheline Robichaud – 705-252-6377 / 289-404-4911

Email: michelinerobichaud@hotmail.com  and/or  micheline_ward8@hotmail.com

Mike McFarthing 705-726-5459

Questionnaire answers: ba-mcfarthing

Email: mamcfarthing@gmail.com

Website: www.mikeforward8.com

Julia Gasewicz 705-728-0794 / 705-790-0974

Questionnaire answers: ba-gasewicz

Email: gasewicz.julia@gmail.com

Ward 9

Brian Jackson – 705-722-3825 / 705-791-8923 / 705-791-8923 (Incumbent)

Questionnaire answers: ba-jackson 

Email: bhjackson@sympatico.ca

Website: www.electjackson.ca 

Jason MacLellan


Sergio Morales 1-877-650-0978

Questionnaire answers:  ba-morales

Email: sergiomoralesward9@gmail.com

Website: www.sergiomorales.ca

 Ward 10

Chris Forde705-718-3040

Email: Forde4Ward10@hotmail.com

Doug Jure 705-728-8002

Email: dougforward10@gmail.com

Website: www.dougforward10.ca

 Mike McCann 705-252-8814 / 647-688-9908

Email: mikemccann@rogers.com

Website: www.votemccann.com

Paolo Fabrizio 705-812-2545 / 647-300-8555 / 705-252-1956

Email: paolothebaker@yahoo.ca

Website: www.servingward10.com

– Graham Allary – 705-896-7895

Questionnaire answersba-allary

Email: grahamallary@gmail.com

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