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Pay to Play Politics

In Candidates / Election 2014
Sep 22nd, 2014

From: Peter E Davenport

Tiny Township
Hello again, it’s ELECTION TIME!
Of that – I’m well AWARE…
Filed back in January ~
With the CANDIDATE – LIST, quite bare

It’s been a quiet Summer ~
Compared to ‘twenty-ten’
Night & day, I’d dare to say
But, the DUMP was ‘way back when’

A recent disappointment ~
I see FOTTSA has their ‘SLATE’
Not a PEEP I heard from them
For the record, what a state!

Nary a single question
“Your PLATFORM?” / “Where do you stand?”
Is this OPEN politics…
Or a facade, is this my hand?

I think that’s dirty-dealing ~
But I’m not about to fold
I speak out when I see things WRONG
I just don’t ‘do as I am told’

And to the Chamber of Commerce:
I emailed you this thought ~
I’d pay my “share of costs”, indeed,
But beyond that – I think not!

I was looking forward to the debate
Lots of ideas & things to say ~
But “50 bucks” is a lot to me
Politics… and PAY to PLAY

A self-financed campaign
‘Beholden to NO-one’ ~
That’s the way it really should be
When all is said and done.

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