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Midhurst Ratepayers Announce Endorsements for Springwater Election

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Sep 30th, 2014

From the Midhurst Ratepayers Association

After carefully considering every candidate in relation to the major issues facing the incoming council, the Midhurst Ratepayers’ Association (MRA) is announcing the candidates they believe will serve Springwater best. Candidate responses to a comprehensive questionnaire, voting records, and platforms and public statements where available were all weighed against the MRA’s organizational values and its priorities for the township: sustainable growth; transparent, citizen-focused and accessible governance; environmental protection; and a commitment to strengthening the agricultural sector.

 “We are fortunate to have so many able candidates stepping forward to serve on council,” outlines MRA president Sandy Buxton.  “We know that sustainable, citizen-focused progress in Springwater requires stronger leadership, wider business experience and greater expertise.  Springwater can be an example of local government working in partnership with its citizens, a leader in how to build rural communities intelligently while preserving precious farmland and water.  That’s the future we want to see in Springwater.”

For MAYOR, the MRA endorses  Bill Frencha long-time resident of Springwater with a wealth of business leadership experience.  “Bill has a very straightforward approach to problem-solving and public engagement plus a strong desire to maintain the unique character of Springwater’s communities, including Midhurst.  Bill’s experience on Springwater’s Committee of Adjustment, knowledge of planning legislation and the workings of the Ontario Municipal Board, plus an entrepreneurial vision provide the ideal mixture to get Springwater back on track,” says Buxton.

“For Deputy Mayor and to add even more talent to Simcoe County Council, we are really impressed by the skills, experience and sound judgment of Don Allen.  People recognize that governments will have to do more with less to ensure that our taxes remain affordable.  Furthermore, we need a Deputy Mayor who has the same passion, strong commitment to community and desire for effective government as we do.  Don is that person.”

Supporting Midhurst’s Ward 5 Councillor, Jack Hanna, for re-election was an easy decision for the MRA.  “Jack has shown not only integrity, fortitude and an unstoppable desire to serve and represent his community; he has raised the bar for what it means to be a hard-working, committed municipal politician. He has consistently recognized that the residents are Council’s focus, not private interests.”

Ward 3 is blessed with many of Springwater’s unique landmarks – Springwater Park, Fort Willow and the internationally significant Minesing Wetlands – and includes part of Midhurst.  For Ward 3, the MRA is endorsing Connie Spek.  “Connie has a wealth of knowledge in the field of environmental science plus extensive experience working with the NVCA – knowledge and skills the council will need to act with a higher degree of environmental responsibility.  Her longstanding community involvement will also help Council to strengthen Springwater’s community of communities.”

In Ward 1, our choice is Katy Austin.  Katy knows that Elmvale will struggle even more than it does now, if forced to compete with an urbanized Midhurst for new business and investment.  As a long-time resident of Elmvale, Katy wants to help her community to thrive and better support its agricultural community.

The MRA would also like to congratulate Ward 4 Councillor, Sandy McConkey, on being acclaimed for another term.  This is a testament to Sandy’s strong commitment to her constituents and hard work on their behalf.

The MRA wants to thank all candidates for stepping forward in the 2014 Springwater election.  We urge voters to learn more about every candidate’s views and priorities, and to ask questions about the issues which are important to them.  We hope that our efforts will lead to a more informed public and a brighter future for Springwater.  The most important civic responsibility in a democracy is to vote. Don’t let important decisions be made without you. VOTE.

To view the responses of those who completed the MRA questionnaire, please visit the MRA’s website – www.friendsofmidhurst.ca.

The Midhurst Ratepayers’ Association (MRA) is a grass-roots organization of over 400 concerned residents from both Midhurst and Springwater Township at large. Established to protect the integrity of Midhurst and surrounding communities, it stands up for the best interests of residents and for responsible growth. The MRA has a positive vision of growth for the area.  It is trying to persuade rural Springwater Township to develop a more fiscally responsible and ecologically sound plan for growth which will protect precious farmland and preserve water resources.  You can find out more about the MRA and the Midhurst Secondary Plan on their websitewww.friendsofmidhurst.ca or through their Facebook page “Save Midhurst Village”.

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  1. Roy Monk says:

    You forgot ward 1 recommended council candidate. The short guy is going to be very upset. Roy

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