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Clearview council sworn in

In Clearview
Dec 11th, 2010

By Michael Gennings Simcoe.com Dec 09, 2010
STAYNER – A new Clearview Township council was sworn in Monday night for a four-year term, with members promising to do their best to achieve results that benefit local residents.
“I want to thank my campaign team,” Mayor Ken Ferguson told the audience, after Justice Laurence Pattillo, a resident of Ward 3, swore in council members.

“As I said to you many times, I worked really hard this time and it wasn’t because of my opponent but because of how I felt about Clearview Township and where we’re at. It means a lot to me.”
Ferguson thanked his family and residents for their support over the years as well.
“Clearview is a young municipality – 16 years old. Compared to a lot of ones that’s really something. I’ve been privileged to be a part of it for 16 years, starting off as a councillor, deputy mayor and now mayor for two terms,” he said.
The mayor said he’s optimistic about the coming term.
“I look at this council and with the timing…we have an opportunity of having the best council ever,” he said. “And I mean that wholeheartedly. I don’t want to do anything to belay the last council. But timing is everything. The connections we’ve made are very important. We are going to hit the ground in January…compared to a lot of Simcoe County, with our feet on the ground and running. That means a lot to you, the taxpayers.”
Ferguson said the municipal election results – only two new councillors were elected – indicate residents want “stable government in unstable times.”
He said that council is “here to progress our agriculture and our businesses that are here and our businesses that are hopefully coming. There will be some changes and we’ve listened. We’ve done a lot of the background work the past four years, with our partners and the time is now. It’s our opportunity to move forward.”
Ferguson added that in his mind, Clearview is the best place to live, work and play in Canada.
“And I can’t fathom living anywhere else,” he said.
Deputy Mayor Alicia Savage, now in her second term as the number two at the table, spoke after the mayor.
“The strong mandate delivered to both Mayor Ferguson and myself is certainly validating, but far more importantly it’s a heavy responsibility,” she said. “Clearview is to be commended for choosing stability. Clearly residents understood that with most of the foundational groundwork complete in this still relatively young municipality, reelecting the majority of council positions us to capitalize on opportunity and establish a solid, financially sound plan for our future.”
Savage said she looks forward to working with council over the next four years.
“I believe this council will be a strong team, using our varied backgrounds to bring different approaches to issues and innovative solutions to challenges,” she said. “We won’t always agree and that’s a good thing, for healthy debate makes for healthy decisions. We will all bring what we heard during the campaign and apply the voice of the people to our discussions.”
The deputy mayor also pledge her continued loyalty to the mayor and paid tribute to him for his leadership capabilities.
“Having spent four years working together with my peers at the County of Simcoe, I appreciate so very much more your leadership and commitment to working together as a team,” she said. “Our solidarity, while sometimes worked out here at home, is recognized around the county and I believe…other levels of government. This is a huge benefit to Clearview.”
Savage said that Clearview is on the cusp of achieving great things over the next four years and that while “it won’t be easy I look forward to working with this council as we seek to serve our community together, with our residents, for we can’t do it alone.”
She also paid tribute to her husband, Rick, a retired police office, for his support.
“Finally I’d like to publicly thank God for the honour of serving him through my work in the community of Clearview. I am truly blessed.”
Ward 1 councillor Doug Measures thanked voters, saying he was humbled by their support and he also thanked township clerk Bob Campbell for running a good election.
“I just want to wrap up by saying something I heard another councillor say at another town,” he said. “This is a three-way partnership that we have. A three-way partnership between council at this council table, these fine staff members that work for this municipality and the public who are here to work with us.”
Ward 2 councillor Orville Brown said he’s had a lot of fun representing constituents over the last 13 years and added that he’s looking forward to the next four years.
“And I’d like to thank the constituents who supported me in Ward 2,” he said.
Brown won by a single vote, causing runner-up John Millar to call for a recount, which confirmed the squeaker of a win.
Ward 3 candidate Brent Preston, one of two newcomers to council, thanked his family and supporters too.
“I ran against some fine individuals,” he said. “We didn’t agree on all the issues but obviously I think we ran a constructive and honourable campaign.”
Preston also thanked Marc Royal, who he defeated, for his dedication to Clearview. Royal stepped in to serve as the Ward 3 councillor when the ward’s councillor, John Crispo, lost his battle with cancer. The term before that, Royal stepped in to serve in Ward 3 when Councillor Ian Lang died suddenly. Preston said nobody can question Royal’s “commitment to the community.”
Preston said he looks forward to the coming term.
“I have to say I’m proud to be a member of this group and I couldn’t be more excited about working with all of you over the next four years,” he said, later adding, “A community like ours is something rare and very, very special. It’s a privilege just to be a part of it. And it’s even more of a privilege to serve as your representative on council.”
Ward 4 councillor Thom Paterson, elected to his second term, thanked his family as well and noted that serving on council is a distinct privilege granted to only a few who seek the office.
“But council alone can’t administer a vibrant community like Clearview,” he said. “It can’t be done without the involvement of many others who give freely and generously. And working with these volunteers and community groups is a reward that people such as ourselves get from public office.”
Ward 5 councillor Robert Walker, returning for his third term, said he’s hopeful about the next four years. He said the new council should make a great team.
Newcomer Deb Bronee, representing Ward 6, choked back tears as she spoke.
“These guys,” she said referring to her fellow council members, “have got to know me well the last few weeks because I tend to kind of get a bit emotional about stuff. I am so excited about being here. I believe we have a great team up here. I’ve watched some of these councillors in action the last four years and I’m very excited about being here and being able to contribute to this part of council. One of the ways to predict the future is to make it and I think this team can do that. I want to thank the people of Ward 6 for bringing me here, for letting me represent the people of Clearview.”
Ward 7 councillor Shawn Davidson, entering his third term on council, also fought back tears.
“The last seven years has been very rewarding and I believe the next four will be even more so,” he said. “I thank my neighbours and my friends for your support, your opinions and your guidance.”
Davidson also paid particular tribute to his wife, Paula, and their daughter, Olivia, for their support.
“Tonight’s a very specific example about the sacrifices our spouses make,” he said. “Rather than going out for a nice dinner or having a romantic evening on my wife’s birthday she’s spending it here in these council chambers because she believes in what I do, what I can contribute to this community and for that I thank her.”
Council’s first regular meeting is at 7 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 13.


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