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Plastic-wrapped veggies not OK

In Waste
Nov 20th, 2010

Letter to Simcoe.com November 14 2010
PERKINSFIELD – Why do bean sprouts have to come pre-measured in a plastic bag? Same with sugar peas and snap peas. Why does cauliflower have to be wrapped in plastic, while broccoli doesn’t?
I asked one of the store workers. The answer was, “It’s corporate. They decide and give us a list.”
The other answer was, “That’s how the suppliers package it.”
A few years ago, Walmart decided shipping laundry detergent that was 75 per cent water was dumb. So they told the suppliers, “You have six months to change your packaging. If you don’t, we won’t carry your product.”
And guess what. Concentrated soap and softener appeared on all the shelves.
I’m guessing “corporate” thinks we don’t care, that garbage isn’t an issue for them, that waste (as long as I have to take it home) isn’t important.
Well, here’s a news flash: a lot of people think waste is an issue. Witness all the people who made such a fuss about Site 41.
Make no mistake; as long as we continue to accept the excess packaging stores push at us, we will be fighting Site 41 or Site 61 or Site 82.
I will choose where I buy my groceries based on how much they care about my world. Are the apples from Meaford or California? Is the garlic from Coldwater or China? Does my cucumber come wrapped in a condom?
When you buy groceries, make a choice. Then take 30 seconds to explain your choice to someone working there. “Corporate” will get the message.
Roger Priddle, Perkinsfield

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