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Bluewater Beach residents concerned about subdivision

In Tiny
Aug 18th, 2010

Flier being distributed by Bluewaster Beach residents in Tiny — August 16 2010
Proposed large subdivision of 51 lots will have a huge impact on our community and Bluewater Beach .
Become involved and help us act now – before it’s too late!

The proposed 51-lot subdivision would be located in the northeast corner of Concession 4 East and County Road 29 (Crossland Road) just 400 metres from the Bluewater Beach shoreline. It requires significant re-zoning by the Township and would heavily exceed the density level of 20 lots as allowed by the County of Simcoe’s Official Plan. It would likely bring over 130 new
residents to our area which would impact Bluewater Beach and surrounding area.
The Township has not performed a comprehensive beach study to determine the impact of this proposed development.
The development proposal may include streetlights, municipal water, and 51 additional septic systems in an area that has yet to be adequately assessed for environmental impacts by doing a thorough four-season study.
The proposed subdivision is located in an area of Significant Woodlands and is protected by the designation AREA OF NATURAL AND SCIENTIFIC INTEREST-LIFE SCIENCES according to theMinistry of Natural Resources. This area contains at least two endangered species of animals aswell as numerous endangered and regionally rare species of plants.
The development of this subdivision goes against the Township’s own guiding principles that state a commitment “to environmental stewardship and protection of our natural environment”, since only 32% of the woodlands would remain somewhat intact on the subject property.
This most recent application has resulted in the announcement of a Public Meeting to hear comments about the proposed changes to the Zoning By-Laws that could allow this development to proceed. The Township’s public notice can be found on its website at:
Monday August 30, 2010 @ 7pm
Township of Tiny Municipal Offices
130 Balm Beach Road West, Perkinsfield On. L0L 2J0c
IT’S VERY IMPORTANT TO WRITE THE MAYOR & COUNCIL: Write the Mayor, Council and Planning department of the Corporation of the Township of Tiny to express your concerns about the development. Your e-mail or letter should be addressed to Mayor Breckenridge. You must also submit your concerns and ask to be notified about any decisions about the proposed Zoning By-law Amendment in writing. This is important to be considered part of any further appeals. E-mails should be addressed to council@tiny.ca with a subject of Mayor Breckenridge, cc: dluker@tiny.ca, and rrobitaille@tiny.ca and must be sent by Aug. 26. Letters should be sent to: Mayor Breckenridge, 130 Balm Beach Rd W,RR # 1 Perkinsfield Ont L0L 2J0 and must be mailed by Aug 20.
For more information email to : bluewater_beach22@yahoo.com

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