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Guergis warden campaign: ‘A bad day for Simcoe County’

In Simcoe County
Dec 3rd, 2009

All is fair in love and politics
Letter to the Editor Collingwood Connection
All is fair in love and politics… well brotherly love anyway, as Essa Mayor David Guergis got caught campaigning “American style-take-no-prisoners” in a round of telephone calls last week.
Supporting his brother’s re-election for a fourth year as Simcoe County Warden, Guergis admitted he didn’t verify any of his claims about Wasaga Beach Mayor Cal Patterson. Instead he chose to let his fingers do the walking calling some of his county council colleagues spreading rumours impeaching the integrity and credibility of Wasaga Beach Mayor Cal Patterson who is challenging his brother Tony Guergis for Warden.
“I was one of the people making (such) phone calls because I see the divisive issue coming out as this growth plan,” he said. Mayor Geurgis never did clarify who else was making these “Anti-Cal” phone calls or where his baseless statements came from!
David had propagandised that Patterson favoured a weaker county and a stronger Barrie, because he was part of a controversial committee that has some county mayors talking with Barrie.
Wasaga Beach Mayor Cal Patterson asked him why he didn’t call him directly before misinforming other councillors about his position.
 “I’m sorry,” he told Patterson and then of continuing along the high road He went into attack mode and further accused the Mayor Patterson of flip-flopping.
“I’ve dealt with you in other capacities, and to be honest, you’ve never kept the same position very long,” he added.
Honestly David – are you kidding me!”
Is this the same person who had just admitted to not checking the facts when his rumour mongering would better serve his brother’s chances of re-election?
Ramara Township Mayor Bill Duffy asked the question those who were left in Chambers were thinking: “are you part of meetings to divide the county” as alleged in these phone calls?
No! Replied Mayor Patterson. In fact, he went on to make several statements supportive of making the process more inclusive and transparent.
Both politicians were, of course, referring to the growth nodes committee, which some county councillors (one of whom is Mayor David Guergis) view as a meeting of the “haves”, those the Province is acknowledging as Urban Growth Nodes. In theprovince’s vision for the region, it calls for a larger more sustainable Barrie, supported by a network of smaller urban centres.
The committee’s discussions around cross border servicing with the County of Simcoe acting in an advisory capacity has caused anger and disdain at the county, with one county official calling it “reprehensible”.
I grew up in a home where politics and politicians were viewed as serving the greater good and this particular day I was witness to self serving statements by one brother for another. It was a bad day for Simcoe County politics and a worse day for our constituents!
It is time to restore trust and integrity in the political leadership of Simcoe County Council and all of us will be better served by the election of Cal Patterson as Warden of the County of Simcoe Tuesday December 8th 2009.
Chris Carrier
Mayor of Collingwood

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