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Shocking that BWG council nixed environment committee plan

In Bradford West Gwillimbury
Dec 10th, 2009

Open letter to Council, on Environment Committee
As a “Stop Dumpsite 41” supporter and a “Zero Waste” advocate, like James Leduc I am shocked that BWG Council voted down an Environmental Advisory Committee for BWG, 5 votes to 4.
Mr. Leduc is right on with the present time being right to put an advisory committee together. After so much publicity around dumpsite 41 – the arrests, injunctions, and now a great protest about Simcoe County’s unwillingness to ask that the Certificate of Approval for the site be revoked, and Second Reading of Garfield Dunlop’s Private Member’s Bill that asks for the C of A to be revoked passing at Queen’s Park – we think it is perfect time for such a committee in BWG.
We are hoping that the people of this municipality have become more aware and educated and are realizing that what happened in the northern part of the County affects them too, and that this is a huge environmental issue.
Mayor Doug White and Deputy Mayor Dennis Roughley are 2 of the only 3 Simcoe County Councillors out of 32 who voted against abandoning the dump site. Now they say it is the wrong time to start an environmental advisory committee! What are they thinking?
I am sure people of Simcoe County, including BWG, will be watching what happens over the next several months and before elections. This would be BWG’s opportunity to strike now while the iron is hot and people are primed to do something that would strive toward zero waste, or at least gain a whopping percentage of recycling and abandon the archaic method of dumping our garbage into the ground and polluting our water and soil. With new technology, what little is left can be dealt with easily. It is time to “Provide leadership and walk the talk” in BWG, as stated in the article.
Why waste this opportunity when people are so aware of environmental issues and aware of our creation of so much waste? We are the polluters of our world, and we need to clean it up for the next generation. Kudos to Mr. Leduc for bringing this motion forward and hopefully other Councillors will jump on board and get this advisory committee in place, and the basics at least started for the next Council. It could take another year or two, the way Council voted on this issue to wait for the next Council to start it.
Sounds like a cop out to me.
Elsie Maclaren
Holland Landing.

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