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Water issues surface in Waverley area

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Nov 2nd, 2020
Water test

Sample being collected from an area artesian well – AWARE Simcoe photo

AWARE News Network

A series of posts in the Friends of the Waverley Uplands Facebook group from September 19 to October 31 2020 details water issues being experienced by residents in the vicinity of the Teedon Pit in Waverley, owned by CRH Canada Group Inc.

These are some of the comments:

Has anyone else noticed a change in water quality lately. The water coming out of my taps has tasted very unusual lately

I go to Elmvale and fill 8 jugs 20 gallons in each of the roadside spring water. Orillia water is too strong tasting of chlorine to my liking

I’m right off the Teedon pit and my water tastes like vinegar

I’ll mention it at the meeting tomorrow night maybe get a sample and note date 😊damn Teedon

I am due to fill up this week. Please message me if Elmvale spring water is not good as I drive from Orillia to get it. Thank you

I have noticed sediment in ours lately. They are definitely stirring up the pot there.

I noticed last couple of weeks a slight taste difference here just down the road from you

We have noticed sand in my laundry washer

We can’t drink the water from our drilled well, can’t even boil it, it is mostly silt

2 Responses to “Water issues surface in Waverley area”

  1. Donna Deneault says:

    These water issues are so wrong and unacceptable. We should bombard the Min. of Environment with calls. Letters to the Editor of local newspapers would not hurt. It’s infuriating. We feel terribly for those whose wells are affected. While the scientists are doing their research, no expansion North for the Teedon Pit should have been allowed by our Ministry. The Ministry should be protecting the water, not the aggregate mining, for which we have a surplus. Clean drinking water is a human right.

  2. Donna Deneault says:

    I am grateful for AWARE Simcoe letting us make our comments here. I just wanted to add: if I’m correct, the Ministry of Natural Resources gave approval for the expansion north onto French’s Hill. I wonder what kind of assessments were done to grant approval. Did that Ministry work with the Ministry of the Environment. I don’t think the right and left hand know what each is doing. It’s beyond sad that the Min. of the Env. did not stop this. (at least until the scientists complete their work). What about the health and welfare of those whose wells are showing turbidity and/or foul tasting water? I want to call the Min. of the Env. I have no details, but I can say it’s happening in the Waverley area. I believe there is a connection between these water issues and the expansion. Our thoughts are with all of you and the precious aquifer, which is at risk; the purest water in all the World. It’s beyond sad. Thank you for letting me express these thoughts.

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