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Wonderful: Site 41 water part of Khoisan Liberation Walk for Indigenous Rights in South Africa

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Jan 28th, 2018
Khoisan walkers for indigenous right

From Myiingan Kwe

I am EXTREMELY PROUD & HONOURED that the Site 41 water, the purest water on Earth, will be a part of the Khoisan Liberation Walk in South Africa this year in the midst of the Cape Town Water Crisis. My friend Gillian will be also presenting an Eagle Feather from the Manido Gaaming Water Walk to the Khoisan Liberation Movement Leaders. The walk will be ending in Cape Town in March and will be over 1,000 km.

The connection to the lands & waters is with the Indigenous peoples that the Creator placed there. Day Zero is fast approaching & Cape Town will be in crisis but the Khoisan people have been in crisis for many, many decades and all they are asking is for the freedom to be treated as human beings. The solution to the water crisis lies in the liberation of the Khoisan people.

This work is SO important, it almost brings me to tears. I look forward to attending the Liberation Walk in 2019 in South Africa. As Indigenous peoples, we must support other indigenous peoples all over the world because we are the ones who still have the traditional bundles the Creator gave to us. These bundles will work together in the coming years to bring healing to Creation, especially from the catastrophic environmental damage occurring. We are the ones still standing up for the Earth & together, we are STRONG. Together, we can build a solid network of indigenous peoples all over the world & support each other as we all collectively stand-up for human rights & our Mother the Earth.

I ask you to join me in prayer beginning on February 18 in support of the Khoisan Liberation movement.

Here is an excerpt from the press release about their 2017 Walk.

“We started this Liberation Walk to offer indigenous First Nation descendants hope for the future with the vision of a South Africa in which South Africans have control over their jobs, their money, their health and spiritual well-being – enabling them to make informed decisions about their financial well-being -in turn, securing a sound economic future for themselves and their communities.

Secondly, building a society where indigenous First Nation culture and history is a respected and valued part of South African life.

Thirdly, to preserve, protect and promote indigenous First Nation culture of South Africa and in doing so, bridge the cultural gap between indigenous First Nations descendants and the wider community.

We hereby present a firm commitment to show fellow South Africans and the world that people of different cultural beliefs and values can work together as embodied in our National Motto !ke e/xarra //ke.

We believe that our organisational endeavours have always been aligned with the strategic agenda of lobbying government for indigenous First Nation Peoples’ Constitutional accommodation and the implementation of legislature to allow us to be part of the mainstream economy and acknowledge us as the owners, custodians and protectors of our indigenous First Nation cultural heritage.”

Link to Indigenous Liberation Walk 2018

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