• Protecting Water and Farmland in Simcoe County


In Candidate Listings
Aug 22nd, 2010

Anita Dubeau (h) 549-3037 aadubeau@sympatico.ca (incumbent)
Doug Leroux (h) 549-8593 dleroux@csolve.net (incumbent deputy mayor)
Gerry Marshall (h) 549-1829 gerryformayor@yaknet.ca
Deputy Mayor
Heather Garratt (h) 549-2255 hmagarratt@gmail.com
Thomas Lackie (h) 549-3764 greatlakesinc@rogers.com
Patrick Marion (h) 549-2069 pdmarion@sympatico.ca (incumbent Ward 1)
Ward 1 (elect 3)
Gabe Brunelle (h) 549-4062 gbrunelle@sympatico.ca (incumbent)
Larry Cascagnette (h) 549-1880 larryc@csolve.net
Erin Chapelle (h) 229-9400 karmateikei@live.ca
Dan La Rose (h) 549-8454 dllarose@csolve.net (incumbent)
Debbie Levy (h) 549-7033 (rrbooks@thunderstar.net
Helen Luzius (h) 549-1074 luzius.ward1@gmail.com
Ward 2 (elect 4)
Christopher Burns (h) 527-8535
Anna Charron (h) 549-3094
Hugh Gair (h) 549-8566 papa.smurf.4@hotmail.com
Jimmy Martin (h) 549-8237 jmartin@csolve.net
Michel Mayotte (h) 549-1800 mmayotte@sympatico.ca (incumbent)
Dennis McEntee (h) 549-6171 denair1@gmail.com
Anne Murphy (h) 549-8205 aomurphy@rogers.com (incumbent)
Daryl O’Shea (h) 527-1456 osheadc@dostech.ca
Jamie Robitaille (h) 549-2509 jnrobitaille@rogers.com
Brad Saunders (h) 549-5559 brad.saunders@bell.net

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