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Helena Guergis as an opponent of Site 41?

In Simcoe County
Jun 13th, 2010

New release forom Site 41 group – APRIL 19 2010 – According to the Toronto Star, Simcoe Grey MP Helena Guergis said she wrote a letter last September to Simcoe County Council on behalf of an energy-from-waste company at a time “Simcoe County was debating whether to open a new landfill site, noting that she was one of the people who opposed the idea and preferred a more environmentally friendly solution.”
The Site 41 group, that prevailed on council to halt construction of Dump Site 41 when it was almost completed and due to start operating, continues to be amazed by Guergis’s claims that she opposed the project.
Two MPs addressed a crowd of 1,200 at the historic July 25, 2009, rally in Perkinsfield: Simcoe North MP Bruce Stanton and Timmins-James Bay MP Charlie Angus. Guergis did not attend, did not send a representative, nor a message of support.
That same month, Stephen Ogden appealed to both Stanton and Guergis to intervene on matters of federal jurisdiction relating to Site 41.
Stanton replied immediately and made efforts on our behalf. Guergis never responded. Other appeals from her constituents – during a traumatic summer in which Simcoe County sued dairy farmer Anne Ritchie-Nahuis and Anishinabe Kweag Vicki Monague for hundreds of thousands of dollars, and criminal charges were laid against many protestors – were similarly ignored.
Among those who tried to get her to take action was Stan Copeland, 82, of Alliston. “I was a little perturbed,” he said. He visited her constituency office and was told by her staff that Site 41 was “a local thing,” and “they couldn’t do anything.” “We know how to recognize a politician who’s engaged with his constituents, and Bruce Stanton was engaged,” Ogden said. “Helena Guergis did not walk the talk in the fight to stop Site 41.”
More information: http://stopdumpsite41.ca/?p=4560
Ex-Warden Tony Guergis’s awareness of the letter from Helena
The Toronto Star asked Helena’s cousin Tony Guergis about the energy-from-waste letter Helena had sent him and Simcoe County Council. According to The Star, Tony’s recollection of the missive was imperfect but after checking with staff, he determined that the letter had been received “for information” and “no action” was taken. Any inference that Tony Guergis was unaware of this letter is ridiculous: it went to October 14, 2009 corporate services committee (he was a member and present), and the October 27 county council meeting, which he chaired, and was publicly listed on both agendas. It dealt with waste, the top political issue in the county at the moment, it was from a member of cabinet, and it was from his cousin.
More information: http://stopdumpsite41.ca/?p=4553
Stephen Ogden letter to Helena Guergis:
Helena Guergis letter to Tony Guergis and county council 

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