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Hospital plan developer’s ploy

In Innisfil
Jun 13th, 2010

Letter on Simcoe.com
Re: Town bill authorized after debate, Innisfil JournalApril 8.
Lets get this straight. The Cortel Group of developers donates a piece of land (adjacent to other land they own) to The Royal Victoria Hospital supposedly for a future hospital and the Town of Innisfil gets stuck paying a $50,000 consultant’s bill for a study regarding a business plan, which was never officially authorized by council.
Now let’s consider some facts: RVH is currently building a huge addition to the present hospital more than doubling its size.
If council didn’t agree to this bill ahead of time, who did?
And why would a business plan be needed for something that will not be happening for years if ever and what was the rush?
The long range (hoped for) plan is to develop industrial lands at Innisfil Heights, which is near Innisfil Beach Road and Highway 400, not at the sixth line near Churchill.
Who is kidding whom here. The Cortel Group are not philanthropists. They have no real interest in a hospital, not at this time anyway. The donation of land was just a ploy to con the town (and province) into running services to this area so that they could start building on the other properties along the route. The hospital idea may be light years away but you can bet that they would start building houses immediately if the services were there.
Our Town Council et al seems to have fallen for this gimmick hook-line-and-sinker, which is not surprising since they seem to be eager to please the developers regardless of the cost to the taxpayers. We can only hope that the next elected council will show a little more business savvy when dealing with these guys. Its time somebody put the brakes on these free spenders.
Delbert Hall

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