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Attempt made to draw Site 41 backers into the open

In Simcoe County
Feb 19th, 2010

By Nicole Million Midland Mirror
TINY TOWNSHIP – A Tiny Township man hoping to enter the political arena this fall is asking mayors and deputy mayors who still support Site 41 to stand up and be counted.
Peter Davenport has started Politicians United Defending Dump’s Legal Existence (PUDDLE) in hopes of creating a list of potential mayors and deputy mayors who support maintaining the certificate of approval for the controversial landfill site.
“It’s to get politicians currently serving on (Simcoe) County council, and those looking to run at the deputy mayor and mayor level, to get it out in the open,” he said, noting his goal is to ensure there’s no “flip-flopping” after the fact.
“If that’s the way you feel, then put your name on the dotted line. Let’s make it clear and out in the open to start with.”
Penetanguishene Mayor Anita Dubeau – who initially supported the landfill, but changed her vote this past fall – supports maintaining the certificate of approval, but said she will not sign Davenport’s document.
“It is important to hang on to the certificate of approval until we know exactly what our waste-management strategy is going to be for the county,” she said. “I just don’t get involved in stuff like (Davenport’s proposal)…. I would not sign this. I can make my points known by using other sources than signing a petition like that.”
Davenport said he is hoping anyone running for office who supports maintaining the certificate of approval will sign the form, thereby letting voters know where they truly stand on the issue.
He has sent a digital copy of his sign-up sheet to the county clerk, but plans to deliver hard copies before the Feb. 26 meeting.
Davenport said he hopes the PUDDLE initiative will eliminate the possibility of sitting on the fence on this issue: “You either support an idea or you don’t.”
As for himself, Davenport said he is against maintaining the certificate of approval.
“The fact they spent 20 years and over $10 million pursuing an idea that essentially mixed pure water with leachate…. The whole idea was ridiculous from the start. If you’re going to err, then err on the side of caution. It was a lame-brained idea from the start.”

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