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MPs speaking up for a Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform in the House of Commons!

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May 16th, 2023

From Anita Nickerson, Executive Director, Fair Vote Canada

Our voices are being heard!

In the past week, MPs in favour of proportional representation spoke up for a National Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform in Question Period in the House of Commons.

While the Prime Minister continues to claim there is “no consensus” on electoral reform, there is a very clear path forward! Thousands of Liberal party members just backed a resolution at their national convention in favour of finding a consensus with a National Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform—a process for supported by 76% of Canadians.

You can watch the MPs ask their questions by clicking the links below. Then please SHARE to show that many Canadians support action on electoral reform. Let’s encourage MPs to keep speaking up!

Watch MP Mike Morrice here



Mike Morrice:

“Canadians overwhelmingly support creating a National Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform. This past weekend, Liberal Party members voted in support, too.

Yet the Prime Minister won’t make electoral reform a priority.

And so if it’s not Canadians and it’s not his own party, who else does the Prime Minister need to hear from before he’s ready to act?”

Watch MP Daniel Blaikie here



Daniel Blaikie:

“Mr. Speaker, the Canadian voting system promises 100% of the power to political parties that get less than 40% of the vote at election time. That is a problem the Prime Minister seemed to have understood in 2015 when he promised to change the voting system.

Since then, opposition parties laid out a path forward and he threw that in the bin in the last Parliament. The Procedure and House Affairs committee passed a motion to study this and he ended it by calling an election. Now at the Liberal convention, there is a motion on the floor to look again at proportional representation.

Will the Prime Minister respect the decisions of these democratic decision-making forums or is he going to put his personal agenda ahead of that once again?”

Thank you for supporting the campaign to Make Every Vote Count!

If you missed our recent webinar MPs Jenica Atwin, Mike Morrice and Daniel Blaikie, you can watch it here. If you’re new to Fair Vote Canada and want to get up to speed on the campaign for PR, join us on the 15th of every month for PR 101.

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