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BREAKING NEWS: Federal government ceases funding to the Trans Mountain pipeline

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Feb 19th, 2022
Steel pipe to be used in the oil pipeline construction of the Canadian government’s Trans Mountain Expansion Project lies at a stockpile site in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada June 18, 2019. REUTERS/Dennis Owen

This morning we received some huge news.

First, the government-owned Trans Mountain corporation issued a press release announcing that the cost of the project had nearly doubled from $12.6 billion to $21.4 billion.1 Within minutes, the federal government announced that it would cease any further funding to the publicly owned Trans Mountain pipeline project.2

This is a huge moment and it’s all thanks to you! You were part of a mass-movement of people that challenged this climate-wrecking project from Day 1.

Now, this is our chance to finally put an end to Trans Mountain once and for all. Send a message to Trudeau right now and tell him to cancel this pipeline once and for all.

Trans Mountain never made any sense to build during a climate crisis. Now, after a year where the pipeline was delayed by climate-fueled fires, heat, floods and landslides, the government is finally suspending public funding to this project.

The opportunity to cancel this climate-wrecking pipeline has never been clearer. 

Since it was first proposed, the Trans Mountain pipeline has been opposed by a massive, national, Indigenous-led movement that has fought the project on the streets, in the courts, and on the frontlines. Ever since the Trudeau government stepped into purchase the project from Texas oil giant Kinder Morgan, people like you have spoken up to demand transparency around the true cost of Trans Mountain and immediate action to defund the project.

Without our pressure, today’s massive win would not have been possible: federal funding to Trans Mountain has been suspended. Let that sink in.

This victory has shown us what we can accomplish when we act together but we can’t stop now. We need immediate action in support of a just transition. Will you take action to demand that the Trudeau government deliver the Just Transition act they have promised us for years? 

Today’s news should sound the alarm. It’s time to put all of our energy and political will into a just transition that leaves fossil fuels in the ground and supports people, communities and workers.

Where I live, in Edmonton, it’s clearer than ever that fossil fuel workers need support as we make the transition to a green economy. It’s about time that our government delivered on their promises to them with a Just Transition Act that ensures no one is left behind.

Will you join us to act in this pivotal moment? First, send a letter to Trudeau calling on him to stop the TMX pipeline for good. Then, sign our petition demanding that Trudeau make a Just Transition Act his top priority.

I’m grateful to stand beside you in this fight.


PS – In light of this news, we’re making big plans to hit the ground running and fight for a Just Transition Act. If you believe in this fight, and if you can afford it, will you make a small donation to support our efforts? Anything you can contribute would be immensely appreciated. 

1 – Trans Mountain Corporation Updates Expansion Project Cost and Schedule

2 – Canada’s Trans Mountain says pipeline expansion cost surges to C$21.4 billion

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