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Nov 23rd, 2021

By Mike, Huiting, Noor, Mat, Caro, Leon and the whole team at Avaaz

Over 1,400 dolphins, including pregnant mothers and calves, were slaughtered in the Faroe Islands. Dolphins are one of earth’s most intelligent species. They understand joy… and grief. Imagine the terror they faced in that gruesome bay. The Faroese Prime Minister pledged to review hunt regulations — but now there’s real danger of a weak, phony review. We can’t let that happen — but with a million voices, we’d put massive pressure on the Prime Minister for an urgent moratorium and a full scientific review. Every signature and social media share builds that pressure. Sign before the next hunt happens:


Locals call it the ‘Grind’ — a brutal hunt where hundreds of dolphins are trapped in a bay, and butchered.

But this year was different.

Over 1,400 dolphins were driven onto the beach and slaughtered one by one. Terrified dolphins thrashed around as pregnant mothers and calves were also killed. Many suffocated on the sand. Days later another 53 pilot whales were killed.

Dolphins are one of the earth’s most intelligent species. They have memories and call each other by name. They understand joy… and grief. Imagine the terror they faced in that bloody cove.

These brutal hunts must end.

Over half the islands’ citizens want dolphin hunts to stop, and after huge public outrage, the Prime Minister pledged to review the hunt’s regulations — but now there’s real danger of a weak, phony review. We can’t let that happen. With a million voices, we’d force this back onto the agenda, and put massive new pressure on the Prime Minister. Sign before the next hunt happens.

To Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands, Bárður á Steig Nielsen:

As citizens from around the world, we are deeply saddened by the recent dolphin ‘Grind’ — a feeling shared by over half the Faroese people. Together, we think these hunts should be banned. While we respect cultural traditions, the world is changing, and all our cultures have to evolve. We call on you to immediately place a full moratorium on these hunts while you commission a rigorous science-based assessment, with the sincere hope and conviction that they should be ended for good.

In the world we live in today, our cultures have to adapt to a planet that is being devastated — because without a living planet, our cultures mean nothing. This one hunt could have killed up to 10% of the regional population of Atlantic white-sided dolphins. And yet dolphin meat is potentially toxic, so much of the meat could be wasted.

The hunt’s regulations have changed to protect other species before. Now it should change again. There’s simply no reason for any cultural practices that inflict mass suffering and death — let alone on one of the earth’s most intelligent, social beings.

The next hunt could happen at any moment — and we have a real chance to speak out right now. Let’s ensure that an urgent, scientific review happens, and the Prime Minister knows millions of people and the majority of local citizens want him to radically reform or entirely ban the hunt. Every signature and social media post adds new pressure. Add yours now.

Our fragile earth needs a voice. And time and again we’ve raised ours to stop cruel live animal exports, brutal factory farming, animal testing, and cultural practices that inflict suffering on those we share this beautiful home with. Every being on earth is part of the same web of life, and it’s clear now that humanity is tearing too many fibres, and we have to change. We feel it in our bones. This campaign isn’t about shaming people, but about calling us to a better version of ourselves, one that honours and cares for nature, respecting our role in the great web of life.

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