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Wednesday April 7: Shotyk, Powell on groundwater at Tiny Council

In Council Watch
Apr 5th, 2021

Dr.William Shotyk explains groundwater

AWARE Simcoe

William Shotyk and Michael Powell , of the University of Alberta and the Elmvale Foundation, will be giving short presentations to the Council members of Tiny Township, followed by  Q&A, and discussion related to the groundwaters of Simcoe County.
When: Wednesday April7 2021 at 10:10 am
Where: online
The public may attend/view the meeting as members of the general public by going to the YouTube icon at the top of www.tiny.ca. The link will go live when the meeting starts

3 Responses to “Wednesday April 7: Shotyk, Powell on groundwater at Tiny Council”

  1. Donna Deneault says:

    Oh my heavens! I finally had an opportunity to see this yesterday. What JUMPED right out at me was Councillor Mintoff’s question and Dr. Powell’s response! Mintoff asked if all the pumping of millions of litres everyday for years would have some impact on the availability of the water. Dr. Powell’s response blew me away. The part that really did it for me (not an exact quote): I heard that they’re going to strip a side off of French’s Hill. I don’t mind going out on a limb to say that this will be an absolute disaster/definite consequences. Here’s the link. Just scroll to approx. 1:58:48. This needs to be put out there in the news! This particular statement needs to be said to the MNRF and the MECP! This is huge. Folks, we need to shout this from the roof tops. Can someone tell me: do I just have to get in touch with Dr. Powell for his permission to go to press with his statement ?


  2. Donna Deneault says:

    What is subsidence. Most of you no doubt know, but here is some info:


    Land subsidence is most often caused by human activities, mainly from the removal of subsurface water. (declining groundwater levels) Other things that can cause land subsidence: aquifer-system compaction, drainage of organic soils, underground mining, hydrocompaction, natural compaction, sinkholes, and thawing permafrost.

    We do not want this happening on French’s Hill. We must get the Province to “heed” Dr. Powell’s words. We should be grateful that we are getting a warning, so we can make a sound decision to halt the mining and water taking. We must get the Ministries/Premier to listen.

  3. Donna Deneault says:

    Dear Fellow Water Protectors, I attended a Zoom call last night sponsored by “saveourwater.ca”
    Hosted by Mike Balkwill (Wellington Water Watchers).
    It was very good. I forwarded to them our petition from the Council of Canadians. They will circulate it to their members. Perhaps you know this: it is illegal to export our water in “bulk”, however, two Chinese companies in B.C. are putting it in little plastic bottles and exporting that way. They told us to check out: Freshwater Alliance “CODE BLUE”. People there in B.C. are trying to ban bottling, but it’s falling on deaf ears in their Province. SOW (saveourwater) said we should check out the amount of money aggregate companies give to political campaigns. I know we know this already. Also, these companies pay very little in taxes. The tax burden falls on residents. They will put our “Groundwater” cause on their next meeting agenda. Be Safe Out There, Everyone.

    We have strength in numbers.

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