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Belterra reaches draft plan approval stage, 94 conditions attached

In New Tecumseth
Jul 7th, 2010

Belterra reaches draft plan approval stage, 94 conditions attached
New Tecumseth Free Press Online July 6 2010
When built out as proposed, the new Belterra community, adjacent to Green Briar, will have a projected population of 4,690 people living across 151 hectares (373 acres) – 27 houses per hectare – between the 14th Line and Hwy 89, at 10 Sideroad.
Last night, Belterra proponent Cablebridge Enterprises Inc., won draft plan approval for its proposal that will include: 1,245 lots for single detached dwellings; 154 lots (308 units) for semi-detached dwellings; 52 blocks (322 units) for townhouses; three commercial blocks; and one school block for the Catholic School Board (the public board declined); and one natural preservation block of 16.94 ha (42 acres); two blocks for parkland.
One of the key changes that answered concerns from neighbouring residents was the originally proposed locations for water and wastewater pumping houses. Initially they were shown to impact existing property owners. Last night, Cablebridge consultant Joe Mullen of Ainley and Associates, announced that the wastewater pumping station will be built within the subdivision land, and the water pumping station will be located next to the Town’s wastewater plant on the 14th Line.
There are about 94 conditions attached to the draft plan approval that have to be satisfied before registration, construction or acceptance of the subdivision into the Town’s ownership can take place. They include among others, a master servicing plan, traffic impact and transportation studies, and archaeological assessment.
In total 1,875 residential units are proposed, which is down from the 1,950 that were apprved through the Belterra Secondary Plan OPA 27.
The shift downward of about 75 units from the plan presented to a previous public meeting, comes through the elimination of 69 proposed 18 metre (59 ft) lots, and reducing the number of 7.5 metre (24 ft) semi-detached lots by 10.
At the other end, 23 additional lots of 9.75 meters (32 ft) have been added for a total of 332 units, and 29 more 11 metre (36 ft) lots were added for a total 374 units at that size.
Those increases to smaller lot sizes, also had the affect to quell the criticism some councillors expressed two weeks ago about Mattamy Homes request to reduce the lot sizes of 14 units in its phase 4 development in north east Alliston. In fact, the report dealing with Mattamy was not even identified for discussion last night, and passed without comment.
For Belterra, draft plan approval, which will be formalized in council next week, means their proposal that dates back to 2002 satisfies the Town that the lands allocated for stormwater management facilities, setbacks, servicing corridors and roads are sufficiently sized and appropriately located within the property.
It’s estimated that 100-150 new homes would be constructed per year, starting in the southern end at the 14th Line and moving northward. New Tecumseth expects to collect over $55 million in development charges alone, and millions more in building permit fees through build-out.


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