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Green Party’s new deputy leader Dianne Saxe slams unjustified suspension of Environmental Bill of Rights

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Nov 21st, 2020
Dianne Saxe

Dianne Saxe

From the Green Party of Ontario November 18 2020

Green Party of Ontario Deputy Leader, Dianne Saxe, released the following statement in reaction to the Auditor General report:

“This report shows the government is totally at odds with its own environmental laws and responsibilities. None of the beautiful places we love are safe.

“The fact that the Ministry of Environment is the chief rule breaker of the Environmental Bill of Rights sums up everything about this government.

Link to A-G news release: Environment leads list of non-compliant ministries 

“Instead of leading by example, the Ministry of Environment is leading by misconduct.

“The suspension of the Environmental Bill of Rights during the pandemic was suspicious and now the Auditor General has given us proof that it was unjustified.

“The government is using the pandemic as cover to push through projects that benefit rich developers at the cost of all of us.

“This government is selling off our forests, farmland and wetlands to rich developers, and even parks and protected areas are not actually being protected.

“We know that action on climate change and energy efficiency can generate prosperity and new careers. Instead, the Conservatives only pretend to have a climate plan.

“If we invested even a fraction of the taxpayer money being given to big companies for electricity subsidies into the energy efficiency programs this government cancelled, we could create new careers and make our whole society healthier.

“What we’re seeing is a continuous and unrelenting effort to undermine and destroy everything that protects the natural systems on which our lives depend.

“I’m frightened. You should be too.”


Dianne Saxe named Deputy Leader of the Green Party of Ontario

From the Green Party of Ontario November 16 2020

The Green Party of Ontario is pleased to announce that Ontario’s Environmental Commissioner from 2015 to 2019, Dianne Saxe, has been appointed as Deputy Leader.

Saxe is also running uncontested for the party’s nomination in the downtown Toronto riding of University-Rosedale, with a vote taking place on November 30.

“Now is the time for more Green voices at Queen’s Park. Doug Ford’s tenure has been marked by a relentless attack on Ontario’s environment. He replaced climate action with greenwashing and consistently puts profit before people and planet,” said Saxe.

“I preferred to be non-partisan, but I cannot stand aside any longer. With others across Ontario, I am running to fight for a cleaner, safer, and healthier future,” she added.

As the province’s environmental watchdog, Dr. Saxe was the guardian of the Ontario Environmental Bill of Rights, delivering 17 reports on environment, energy, and climate. The Ford government passed special legislation to abolish her position after she criticized its destructive climate policies.

“I am honoured that Dr. Saxe is joining our team for the 2022 provincial election,” said Green Party leader, Mike Schreiner.

“When it comes to solving the biggest environmental challenges we face, there is no one more competent than Dr. Saxe. Her decision to run as a Green reflects how effective our party has been since securing our first seat at Queen’s Park,” he added.

Saxe is the first candidate the party has confirmed for the 2022 election. Greens will be running a full slate of candidates across all Ontario ridings.

About Dianne Saxe

Dr. Saxe is one of the world’s leading environmental lawyers and has been recognized provincially and globally for her work.

As a practicing lawyer, she represented community groups protesting acid mine drainage and logging of old growth forest, and obtained $115 million for municipalities in bitterly contested arbitration over the Blue Box program.

She currently practices law, focussing on the climate crisis, and serves as the Chair of Toronto City Council’s climate advisory committee.

More information at www.saxefacts.com and on Wikipedia.

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