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Petition against townhomes on Lovers Creek Ravine in Barrie

In Barrie
Oct 28th, 2020

Lovers Creek Ravine

From Change.org

Residents of Painswick South District, specifically those on Loon Avenue, are outraged and saddened by a proposed townhome development being planned in their backyards at 521 Huronia Road, Barrie, backyards which back onto Lovers Creek Ravine (a provincially protected wetland).

Residents on Loon Ave all purchased their homes with the understanding that the green space behind them was protected lands. And now it is being threatened by a development.

The subject lands are designated part Environmentally Protected and part Agricultural with a small portion being zoned for general industrial. The developer has applied for a zoning change to residential to accommodate 104 townhome units. Many of which are stacked (4 high) units that will tower above the existing homes.

The development also requires removal/clear cutting of a portion of a significant woodland and is adjacent to a significant wetland (Lovers Creek). Somehow the developer has gotten around the standard 10 meter buffer required for any development next to a wetland and is proposing a mere 5 meter buffer.

This is NOT enough nor is it ok.

There are also species at risk (bats & frogs) in the woodland which will be destroyed. Because this development is so close to a wetland and literally on a watershed, there are serious concerns for flooding and erosion. The neighbors on Loon are especially concerned for their homes as they would be directly affected by any flooding and erosion.

Besides the obvious environmental concerns about this development the residents on Loon Ave are devastated by the potential of loosing the incredible views and privacy that they have enjoyed and paid a premium for in the purchases of their homes.

Imagine you purchased a home backing onto green space which was know to be protected, then a week after moving in you discover a proposed development threatening to wipe out the area and put multiple 4 high units in its place. This is exactly what happened to one resident on Loon.

Another resident had spent thousands in renovations to their home as they intended this to be their forever home. After hearing of the development they are now considering moving and being out thousands of dollars, not only because of the Reno costs but because they will take a cut in property value if this development occurs.

You can help us fight this development by signing this petition and taking action with us. To help, you can email or write your concerns to the city of Barrie development department, the councillors, the mayor, the Lake Simcoe Region Authority (who governs these protected lands). Please help us to save the forest and do right by the residents in this community who will be impacted negatively by this development.

Who to contact:
City Planning Celeste.Kitsemetry@barrie.ca
Ward Councilman sergio.morales@barrie.ca

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