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Restructuring proposal has Simcoe County divided into 5 or 7 wards

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Feb 23rd, 2020

One of three proposed agglomerations

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Simcoe County is to consider a plan that would transform the way local councils relate to the upper tier of municipal government, and how citizens participate in local representation.

A February 14 2020 report from CAO Mark Aitken and Clerk John Daly outlines a structure that would do away with the present two-person mayor/deputy mayor teams from each of the county’s 16 municipalities.

Instead, municipalities would be agglomerated into five or seven wards, each represented by a regional councillor. They would be joined by the 16 mayors of each municipality within a ward, making for a council of 21 or 23 members.

Read the Feb 13 2020 staff report on governance

Maps of agglomeration options

GOV 2020-085 Schedule 1

GOV 2020-085 Schedule 2

GOV 2020-085 Schedule 3

The plan is to start the new structure in October 2022. The matter is to be on the March 10 county council agenda.


Simcoe County council restructuring on the horizon

by Janis Ramsay Simcoe.com February 22 2020

The first proposal has come forward about changes to Simcoe County council.

More than a year ago, the province announced it was reviewing regional governance models, including Simcoe County, but later changed its mind.

But county council agreed to continue working through its own restructuring — after it has remained the same for close to 50 years.

This proposal is about the size of council, with a recommendation to shrink to 21 from 32.

It would mean all mayors from the 16 member municipalities would still sit on council.

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4 Responses to “Restructuring proposal has Simcoe County divided into 5 or 7 wards”

  1. Melanie Robitaille says:

    This is the first unfortunate step to losing connection with and access to our governing bodies. What’s worse, is that this (along with so many other vital decisions) are put forth to a committee of individuals of which the public has no control because we did not elect the members of this council. Most members also represent lower tier municipalities in what can only be seen as a conflict of interest.

    It’s the creation of another level in government, another salary to be paid and it’s entirely ridiculous that one ward councilor can understand the needs of everyone within such large geographic areas. Say no to agglomeration!

  2. Peter Stubbins says:

    I suspect this is an attempt to further silence the citizens in forming the type of communities that they live in. For instance, I live in Tiny Township which obviously has commercial ad social relations with our urban neighbours but physically and socially is unique in so many ways. We like having a municipal council that represents our rural/seasonal cultures. I do not want the nice municipal politicians in Penetang and Midland planning our future in Tiny and I am sure the people in those municipalities like to have control of their municipal futures. I believe that if Simcoe County tries to ram through this plan then the response will be commismerate and firm. HAND OFF Simcoe County I do not want to live in a municipality that loses its forests, streams, aquifers, farms and quiet living for the sterility of another Innisvile

  3. Ann says:

    At the last County Council meeting on Tuesday, there was much discussion about this.
    What most members of council want is to reduce the number of Councillors to 16 from 32, and not have the mayors sit on council anymore, just the Deputy Mayors or a designated member from each municipal council.
    Another possibility is to also have an elected Regional Councillor representing each of the new 5 or 7 wards in addition to the 16 council members.
    There’s also a suggestion that the Warden position should be held as a full time position by an elected person who’s not a member of county council, because being Mayor and Warden is too much of a workload for one person.

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