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UPDATED Tiny Township calls on MNRF, CRH to hit pause on Teedon Pit expansion

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Jan 28th, 2020

Tiny Township Council in session yesterday 

Updated January 29 2020 with council motion/ staff report PD 004-20 and the township response letter. Scroll down. 

Note, the staff report, as approved, calls for staff to work with township lawyer Barriston to prepare minutes of settlement and report back to Council if all outstanding matters are resolved. It appears from the township response letter that only traffic remain outstanding from a list  of issues identified by CRH. Although as stated below, the township adds a caveat that it is not satisfied that all issues have been addressed – and it calls for consideration of findings of the Cherry study. 

The staff report comprises a number of attachments, including a Dec. 19 2019 letter from Michelle Hudolin, Severn Sound Environmental Association, advising that natural heritage matters have been resolved, provided minor changes are made.

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Tiny Township Council last night voted to ask the Ontario government and the owner of quarries on the Simcoe Uplands near Waverley to await the findings of a study that will examine why the area’s groundwater is the purest to have been scientifically tested.

The motion, moved by Councillor Tony Mintoff and seconded by Councillor Gibb Wishart, passed unanimously – with Councillor Cindy Hastings absent.

“The Township is fundamentally opposed to the extraction and washing of aggregate in environmentally sensitive areas,” said Mayor George Cornell, reading from the motion.

The motion calls on the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and CRH Canada Group Inc. to await the results of a study being undertaken by a stellar cast of Canadian hydrogeologists headed by Dr. John Cherry of the University of Guelph which will attempt to explain why the water is so clean.

Dr. William Shotyk of the University of Alberta, who has been testing the water for two decades, said in a recent open letter that it seems likely the filtration process takes place in the soils which cover the hills to the east (ie the Simcoe Uplands).

“”This unique water is part of our heritage. We need to learn from the water, and we need to protect it,” said AWARE Simcoe chair Don Morgan.

“The Township of Tiny has taken a step in the right direction, acknowledging the importance of the scientific research done so far and still to be done. We look forward to their continued leadership in this regard.”

The following is the text of the motion (updated after text received):

“Whereas council reconsidered confidential planning and development report PD004-20 regarding the Teedon Pit extension application

NOW therefore be it resolved that that staff be directed to proceed with the recommendations in PD-004-20

AND further that staff include the following comments in the letter to be included in the letter to Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry & CRH Canada Group Inc.

1. The Township is fundamentally opposed to the extraction and washing of aggregate in environmentally sensitive areas

2. That there is presently a groundwater study being undertaken by Dr. Cherry et al and that the findings of this report be taken into consideration by the Province prior to the issuance of any further licenses

AND further that report PD 004-20 and closed session meeting minutes dated Jan 13 2020 as approved and Jan 27th 2020 once approved be made public in nature.”

Discussion took place in camera and there was no debate in open session, but approval of the motion can be viewed here at 1:37.

AWARE Simcoe will post the staff report and closed meeting minutes as soon as they are released, as called for in the motion (see below).

Council Motion 022-20 and Report PD-004-20

Tiny Township Response to CRH, MNRF

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5 Responses to “UPDATED Tiny Township calls on MNRF, CRH to hit pause on Teedon Pit expansion”

  1. Ann says:

    This is fantastic news, that Tiny Township is doing what it can to protect that precious water from being destroyed! Hopefully the MNRF and CRH will agree to their recommendation to wait for the results of the groundwater study being done by Dr. Shotyk and Dr. Cherry.
    Thank you Council!

  2. Meg Jordan says:

    I am overjoyed to hear this and look forward to the results of the study.
    Rev Meg Jordan
    St John’s United Church, Elmvale

  3. Glenn Irvine says:

    Let’s see if our ministries will follow suit .that’s a thumbs up for or councillors

  4. Donna Deneault says:

    I wrote to my Mayor of Tay and the Councillors of TAY Township and they will speak to Mayor of Tiny about including their endorsement to let the scientists continue their groundwater study and to protect our Ontario groundwater by halting extraction and washing of gravel in environmentally sensitive areas.

  5. Donna Deneault says:

    This morning my Tay Mayor Ted Walker said he did speak to Tiny Mayor Cornell. Mayor Cornell will send a request for Tay Township’s endorsement of Tiny’s Motion. I also wrote to Warden Cornell of Simcoe County Council to ask him to have all of the Townships endorse Tiny’s Motion. I know I’m repeating myself, but we should all write to the Ministry to have the Simcoe Uplands changed and evaluated as environmentally sensitive and protect it forever. In the meantime, it will be so wonderful if the MNRF does pause to let these wonderful scientists complete their findings.

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