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Lake Simcoe: Stop the disaster of dumping sediment into our lake

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Jul 16th, 2019

From SOS Beaverton 

SOS Beaverton is a group of concerned citizens who want to protect the health of Lake Simcoe now and for future generations.

We want to stop the ongoing dumping of sediment and chemicals into Lake Simcoe. Asian vegetable farming on the east shores of Lake Simcoe north of Beaverton by a farming conglomerate take up to 18 million litres of water a day from the lake for irrigation purposes.

These types of crops are grown in saturated soils which is known as muck farming. The irrigation water then returns to the lake bringing sediment, fertilizers and other chemicals with it.

Resulting large brown plumes affect the health of the lake. Fisheries, recreational water users, beaches, and water supply are all being drastically and negatively affected by this blatant dumping into our lake.

Support us by signing this petition to revoke their permits to pump up to 18 MILLION LITRES OF WATER PER DAY from the lake!


Sign the Petition: We are currently petitioning the Ontario Ministry of the Environment to revoke water permits, and the Ontario Attorney General to enforce the Ontario Water Resources Act.


4 Responses to “Lake Simcoe: Stop the disaster of dumping sediment into our lake”

  1. Ann Tiidus says:

    This is a disgusting form of agriculture! Our real local farmers are trying to be more environmentally aware of their agricultural practices, so why shouldn’t this conglomerate? All of the people that live along the shores and inland seem to be doing their part in keeping our environment including Lake Simcoe in a good balance although when we don’t for whatever reasons to long to list we do get admonished! And so should this conglomerate as well.
    When the lake suffers we ( flora and fauna) are all part of the illness.
    Economy takes a downturn as well when we have smelly, polluted oblue green algae choked waters and shorelines. We could possible head to a western Lake Erie situation if we are not careful.
    We still have a chance to do something!

  2. Rosaleen Crooks says:

    I am totally opposed to dumping into Lake Simcoe. The Lake Simcoe Coalition worked diligently to help the Lake the Simcoe Protection Act pass and with the Lake Simcoe Conservation Authority raised their strong concerns reagrding the phosphorous levels in the Lake.
    Blue Green Algae would be an environmental and economic disaster for the Lake Many people still obtain their drinking water from the Lake and that would become toxic beside the commercial effect such as the devastation of the fishing industry .

  3. Ken imrie says:

    Unbelievable! How can the government allow this to happen? This is beyond comprehension and must be stopped! Lake Simcoe is a beautiful lake providing pleasure and recreation to tens of thousands of people over the years! This lake also draws millions of dollars from local tourists and tourists abroad. This practise must be stopped NOW!

  4. Margo Clarke says:

    We went to Centennial Beach Park today. A sign is posted regarding blue-green algae. No one was in the park. The lake looks like a swamp. It is disgusting. This is supposed to be “our jewel”. There was algae from the shore to the bull rushes and perhaps beyond. No birds. No people. No pets. As we were leaving some tourists stopped by and looked disgusted by the water. The man read the algae warning sign to his wife and I wondered if she could read English. They did not stay long. It is a crying shame what has happened to this beach. I truly believe it is the massive farm across the road. The sand where I believe the discharge pipe is was fairly high. Not even a wind surfer today. I don’t blame them.

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