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Sample letter for comment on Teedon Pit expansion

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Mar 12th, 2019

This graphic of an idealized geological cross section shows the interception of rain by the forests of the uplands (Simcoe Uplands) to the east. These hills are composed of coarse-grained sediments (rocks, gravel, sand) left behind by glaciers: rainwater percolates through the soils, becoming filtered along the way by roots, humus and clay minerals. Once the water reaches the saturated zone (water table), it moves laterally to the west through sand channels left behind by glacial meltwaters: these represent the aquifers which store and transport the water. The lowlands (Simcoe Lowlands) are composed of fine-grained silt and clay. These are quite impermeable to water, but where channels form (or are created by drilling wells), the water rises up from the aquifer forming natural springs and flowing wells. Because the groundwater level in the source area is above the groundwater level in the lowlands, the water in the lowlands is under pressure – this creates the artesian system. -Olivia Shotyk graphic, from Georgian Bay Today, Winter 2018

Call for a moratorium to protect the purest groundwater ever identified

From Friends of the Waverley Uplands

The following is a sample letter regarding the application for an aggregate expansion on the Simcoe Uplands. Download it here Letter to Minister and change or add to it as you wish. We have provided some resource material at the end of the post. Be sure to date and sign the letter and include your name and postal address. Get it in before March 25 2019.

To Hon. John Yakabuski, Minister
Whitney Block 6th Flr Rm 6630,
99 Wellesley St W, Toronto, ON M7A 1W3

To Proponent Cedarhurst Quarries and Crushing Limited
CRH Canada Group Inc.,
2300 Steeles Avenue West, 4th floor
Concord, ON. L4K 5X6 1-416-788-0015

To Ms. Kim Benner District Planner
Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, 2284 Nursery Road
Midhurst, ON. L9X 1N8


Dear Minister John Yakabuski, Ms. Jessica Ferri, and Ms. Kim Benner,

Re: Moratorium on all further proposed Aggregate extraction from the Waverley Uplands in Tiny Township and surrounding area – Objection to License 3670

In 2009 a landfill proposal called Site 41 was defeated at the 11th hour. First Nations, Farmers, Cottagers, David Crombie, Ralph Nader, Dale Goldhawk, Maude Barlow and many others came together to protect the pristine groundwater resource that lies under the proposed garbage dump. Area residents care about this water deeply and support for their efforts was received from people around the world.

Now this same water – the purest groundwater ever identified – is under threat again- this time from a gravel pit expansion in the Waverley Uplands. The Uplands represent the recharge area for this pristine aquifer, one of the most important natural resources in Simcoe County, Ontario.

We wish to echo the proposal of Professor William Shotyk (Dr. rer. nat. habil., P.Ag., FRSC & President of the Elmvale Foundation) for an immediate moratorium on expansion of aggregate extraction in the Waverley Uplands, until the impacts on the groundwater flow systems are fully understood (see attached letters).

There are legitimate concerns about current activities negatively impacting this groundwater as outlined to your Ministry in two reports by Professional Geoscientist Wilf Ruland. In response CRH Canada Group Inc., Dufferin Aggregates has asked for further expansion and has applied for a 10-year permit to take water at its Teedon Pit for over 6 million litres a day. Area wells have become silty intermittently since extraction has occurred. We have asked the Proponent for a cumulative impact study to be done and turbidity monitors to be installed in area wells. Since 2009 this type of study has been recommended; however, the Proponent refuses. We ask you, Minister, to ensure it happens as recommended by the Environmental Commissioner’s office since 2009: https://media.assets.eco.on.ca/archive/2015/03/2008-09-AR.pdf#page=31

This groundwater is the “gold standard” of water quality. CRH must not be permitted to bring in foreign material such as asphalt, fill and other contaminants that could put this aquifer at risk.

These are my objections to the application for Extension/Expansion of the Teedon Pit, Darby Rd, Waverley ON. If these issues are not resolved I request that the matter be referred to a tribunal. I also request that my email and attached letter be included in the public record and included as comments to the pending licence application.

But most of all, I ask you, Minister, to please consider future generations and choose to protect our aquifer and clean drinking water over aggregate extraction. The fate of our very clean water hangs in the balance and is being closely watched … as a litmus test for your government.



(Name, address)

cc: doug.ford@pc.ola.org <doug.ford@pc.ola.org>,
minister.mecp@ontario.ca <minister.mecp@ontario.ca>,
jill.dunlopco@pc.ola.org <jill.dunlopco@pc.ola.org>, inquiries@williamstreatiesfirstnations.ca <inquiries@williamstreatiesfirstnations.ca>,
info@elmvale.org <info@elmvale.org>,
commissioner@eco.on.ca <commissioner@eco.on.ca>,
info@simcoe.ca <info@simcoe.ca>,
council@tiny.ca <council@tiny.ca>,
council@tay.ca <council@tay.ca>,
council@springwater.ca <council@springwater.ca>,
info@townshipofsevern.com <info@townshipofsevern.com>,
info@oro-medonte.ca <info@oro-medonte.ca>,
aware.simcoe@gmail.com <aware.simcoe@gmail.com>,
inquiries@canadians.org <inquiries@canadians.org>,
paul.cowley@fottsa.org <paul.cowley@fottsa.org>,
info@friendsofthewaverleyuplands.ca <info@friendsofthewaverleyuplands.ca>,
sseainfo@severnsound.ca <sseainfo@severnsound.ca>

Resource material

Tiny Township webpage with the most recent reports submitted by CRH 

Elmvale Foundation letter to Simcoe County Council, calling for a moratorium 

October 2015 Review of Teedon Pit PTTW Application by Wilf Ruland (P. Geo.)

April 2018 Review of Teedon Pit PTTW Application by Wilf Ruland (P. Geo.)

Sample letter from Donna Baylis of Food & Water First

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