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Ken Fowler – Innisfil Ward 5

In Candidates / Election 2018
Aug 11th, 2018

from Innisfil Journal

Good day residents of Innisfil,

My name is Kenneth Fowler and I am running for Ward 5 on your council.

Why do I say your council? Because it is the job and privilege of those elected to serve your needs — To build OUR town up and have all other townships look at what we have done as a benchmark for success.

For  years I have worked on multimillion dollar projects and organized scores of people toward a common goal, even if each had a different view of how to achieve it. It is the sparks created when ideas collide that birth new fires, forging our future.

I have a background in management and have been certified in Occupational health and safety.  I also have a provincial Red Seal.  Education that allows me to see alternative perspectives.

I have been an active member of two school councils, one of which I chaired. I have contacts at news outlets and the local paper to highlight the good our community has done.

Council needs to LISTEN before it speaks. Only then can issues be properly addressed.

Innpower — I will look into lowering rates without sacrificing service.

Urban sprawl — I want our town to grow soundly, instead of filling space until there is nothing left. Proper planning leads to a booming town, where ease of access is a right and not a worry.

Safety in our schools — Not one but two schools this year have approached council with issues regarding the welfare of the children who walk to school. It needs to be addressed.

The above items are only a few of the things I seek to accomplish as your councillor.

Lastly, I am asking for your vote, but not your money. I am campaigning with my own funds. I believe in MY town that much.

Fighting for your rights,

Ken Fowler


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