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Avery Konda – Barrie Ward 1

In Barrie
Aug 11th, 2018

From Barrie Advance 

I have been avidly involved in local politics through organizations such as Georgian College and RVH, ensuring that two of our largest employers in Barrie create opportunity, and continue to build economic growth.

However, I have noticed less and less focus on Ward 1 over these years, and a need for more of a fair share for our community.

Through Georgian College, as GCSA president,  I worked to foster a community of changemakers, the opportunity for students to become entrepreneurially active, and become leaders in their communities.

As a member of the Georgian College Changemaker Committee I worked diligently with a diverse team of faculty, staff and senior leaders to become the first Ashoka designated Changemaker College in Canada, and one of 250 schools in the world with this designation.

I was also a champion in the $25,000 donation to the RVH Mental Health Youth Wing that provided youth mental health support in Simcoe County.

Through my leadership at the college, I was selected as the recipient for the HBEC Student Entrepreneur Award, Employee Entrepreneurial Award, and 1 of 3 leaders in Canada to receive the CiCan Leadership Excellence Award.

I currently work at Georgian College as a program assistant, and volunteer for numerous organizations in the community such as Startup Barrie, Christmas Cheer, the Georgian College Pow Wow, and more.

Through my volunteering, I have been a proponent in creating business and entrepreneurial opportunity through Georgian College, providing food aid to local residents through Christmas Cheer, and promoting a culture of inclusion within our Ward.

My background allows me to quickly step into the role of councillor for Ward 1, and to create action to bring my platform of “Fair Share” to each of our residents.

Through my Fair Share platform I will champion three main issues:

1. Infrastructure Challenges, with road repair and rehabilitation to target and prioritize aging infrastructure within our community.

2. Community Safety, with positive actions to reduce speeding on our roads and in our neighbourhoods to keep families, seniors, and residents safe.

3. Smart Growth and Not Forced Growth, to create a Smart Growth Plan for our Ward to prioritize future repairs and developments, ensuring our Ward does not become left behind in the City of Barrie’s future.

To see a more in depth explanation of my #FairShare platform, please check out my social links, website, and contact information.

Website: www.averykonda.com

Phone number: 705-241-1733

Connect with me: http://www.averykonda.com/request-a-free-lawn-sign.html

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/FairShare4Ward1/

Twitter profile: https://twitter.com/AveryKonda

Instagram profile: https://www.instagram.com/averykonda/

LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/averykonda/

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