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Saturday August 4: Fundraiser to support Sylvia Bray in Wasaga Beach

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Jul 23rd, 2018

From Sylvia Bray in Wasaga Beach


11 Responses to “Saturday August 4: Fundraiser to support Sylvia Bray in Wasaga Beach”

  1. DANIELLE says:

    Any particular reason your group has removed some of the information on this poster considering that this particular event is to raise funds for a position that Ms. Bray is wanting to be elected in Wasaga Beach considering that I have not found your organisation listed as a third party advertisers?

    Will you be assisting all candidates of Wasaga Beach who are trying to get elected and will you be manipulating the rules for them as well?

  2. Laura says:

    Really, you have to block out that it is for a Deputy Mayor fundraiser. I used to have respect for this group of environmentalists but you are nothing but another group of unethical propagandists.

    AWARE supporting/promoting a campaign fundraiser for ANY candidate in ANY election is unacceptable!
    Joe Bickerstaff of Wasaga Beach.

  4. Sylvia Bray says:

    Thanks AWARE Simcoe for promoting this event, it promises to be a fun night in Wasaga Beach, complete with world class entertainment. I am sorry this has caused any negative feedback and hope to see you Saturday.

  5. Just another rule bender, usi g propaganda to promote their false narrative. I will be posting this blatant disregard of ethics all across my blog, radio station, facebook and twitter. I will also be printing and distributing around our town.

  6. Fred Garvan says:

    Well, your group has made your bed, now you can sleep in it. Your job is to promote the environment and to protect it. You are now a schill group involved in potitics and that in my opinion is inexcusable .Do you plan to post both sides of an argument in any future events?

  7. Hogan says:

    Deleting comments now are we. Shame on you and your crooked agenda. Time to spread tbe news of tbis fake news site.

    • Kate Harries Kate Harries - Elmvale says:

      No comments have been deleted, everyone please relax. Be advised that there may be a delay before your comment is posted. For those who didn’t follow the link cited earlier, this is the announcement posted on this website July 25: “It’s election time and we will be publishing election material that is sent to AWARE Simcoe by candidates and their supporters. Such publication does not constitute an endorsement by AWARE Simcoe. Our aim is to foster public debate and encourage the exchange of information regarding issues of importance to communities across the county. To that end, we will publish a wide range of opinions, including those which may not be aligned with positions take by AWARE Simcoe. We do reserve the right to edit or not publish as we see fit. If however we send a questionnaire to candidates, those answers will be published in full as provided, with no editing.”

  8. Michael kent says:

    Well I guess I reserve my view until I see any other candidates materials posted. I am sure I will see some …Or at least one other. If I don’t trust me ..you will hear from me….. Oh and so will everyone else trust me on that one.

  9. Paddy Running-Horan says:

    I admire the work that you do. Please ignore the posts that are trying to threaten/shut down your right to post this information.

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