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Are you ready to take the Plastic Free July pledge?

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Jul 2nd, 2018
Seabird pn plastic diet

In 1960, plastic was found in the stomachs of fewer than 5 % of the world’s seabirds, by 1980, this had jumped to 80 %, now it’s climbing to 100 percent. Seabirds living close to southern Australia, South Africa, and South America are worst affected because the movement of the waves pushes all waste southward towards these continents. -Child Friendly News

Pledge to make plastic a thing of the past!

From The Story of Stuff

Every July, over a million people around the world participate in Plastic Free July, a challenge to refuse single-use plastics for one whole month. That’s a great place to start – but a terrible place to stop!

Here’s why: avoiding plastic for any amount of time is a great thing to do – but that alone won’t end our addiction to plastic. When individuals choose not to buy or use plastic, they remove plastic from their lives. But what we really need is to eliminate problematic plastic from the economy altogether. To do that, we need to work together to push communities, companies, and countries to #breakfreefromplastic.

This year, take the Plastic Free July pledge to make plastic a thing of the past. Every week this July, we’ll send you ideas and opportunities to get plastic out of your life and out of your community. You’ll get suggestions for avoiding plastic in your daily life, ideas to reduce plastic in your community at large, and action opportunities to fight plastic pollution.

Ready to take the pledge? Follow this link


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