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Wednesday June 6: draft environmental study report on Freele Tract waste facility proposal

In Council Watch
Jun 4th, 2018

from Friends of Simcoe Forests

In the matter of the ERRC (Environmental Resource Recovery Centre) proposed for the Freele County Forest Tract in Springwater, THE COUNTY OF SIMCOE has received high levels of public interest and participation well-deserving of guiding decisions to reflect the desires of the community. Over one year later, the public, the community, community groups and local council are left waiting for responses.

Article by Strong Towns member Grant Henninger.
Excerpt from this article:
“True community engagement has the ability to build community by building personal relationships and helping ensuring a feeling of ownership of the places in which we live.”

Springwater Township’s next Council meeting is this Wednesday June 6th.
On the agenda, items # 5.1 and 12.1 are very important community matters in need of and deserving of public engagement.
Deputations / Presentations
J. Mullan of Ainley Group – Midhurst Environmental Assessment (EA) Update – Presentation of Draft Environmental Study Report (ESR) (Approximately 1 hour session)
Motions to Which Notice Has Been Given
Motion presented by Deputy Mayor Allen at the May 16, 2018 meeting regarding the proposed County of Simcoe’s Environmental Resource Recovery Centre

Whereas a Public Meeting was held for a County Official Plan Amendment on May 29, 2017, regarding the proposed County of Simcoe’s Environmental Resource Recovery Centre (ERRC), to be located at 2976 Horseshoe Valley Road West; and,

Whereas a Special Public Meeting of Springwater Council was held on June 19, 2017 regarding the proposed County of Simcoe ERRC; and

Whereas presentations were made by County of Simcoe consultants from GHD Canada and questions and comments were received from members of the public and from members of County and Township Council; and,

Whereas other written questions and expressions of concern over issues have been raised by residents and agencies concerning the ERRC development over the last 2 years; and,

Whereas County of Simcoe consultants stated they would review and address comments and questions received by reporting back to residents and agencies and to the Township of Springwater; and,

Whereas to date, there have been no written responses to the questions and comments other than acknowledgement of receipt of them; and,

Whereas the preliminary business plans for the Organics Processing Facility (OPF) and Materials Management Facility (MMF) were received by County Council on September 26, 2017.

Be It Therefore Resolved That Springwater Council requests, by way of written communication, that a public open house be held by GHD Canada, on behalf of the County of Simcoe, to update and provide detailed responses to all of the concerns raised by residents and agencies for the County Official Plan Amendment, local Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-law Amendment well in advance of the applications being considered for approval.

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