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Calling Kathleen Wynne and Kathryn McGarry: Save the tree seed facility, ensure healthy forests

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Nov 24th, 2017
Premier Kathleen Wynne with MNRF Minister Kathryn McGarry


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The Ontario Liberals aren’t listening when the top forestry experts in the province tell them that their government has made a terrible mistake in deciding to close the Ontario Tree Seed Facility.

These are just a few of the leaders who have written to Premier Kathleen Wynne and Natural Resources and Forestry Minister Kathryn McGarry:
-Sean Fox, University of Guelph Arboretum
-Dave Harbec, Somerville Seedlings
-Ed Patchell, Ferguson Forest Centre
-Barb Boyson, Forest Gene Conservation Association
-Rob Keen, Forests Ontario
-Anne Bell, Ontario Nature
-Joyce Chau, EcoSpark
-Debbe Crandall, STORM
-Amber Ellis, Earthroots

And there’s a groundswell of opposition coming from those who work in the field as well as people everywhere who understand the value of trees and forests.

The Angus facility provides a vital service to the whole province in seed collection, processing and storage. ensuring that seed provenance is tracked so that trees planted in a zone are grown from seed collected from that zone, and giving the trees a vital genetic link to local conditions and the best chance for health and survival.

The experts think Wynne and McGarry have no idea of the implications of the closing.

Please help get their attention!

Sign the petition!

and get everyone you know to sign on too!

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3 Responses to “Calling Kathleen Wynne and Kathryn McGarry: Save the tree seed facility, ensure healthy forests”

  1. Marilyn Rutherford says:

    What is wrong with these government people who do not want to spend money where they should, to help civilization in the future, but can find ways to spend foolishly on things that do not matter one twit! We need all of the help we can get to keep our forests strong!

  2. Marlene Esson says:

    Once again the Liberals are chipping away at any programme that protects the environment .Trees are needed and if this facility closes I believe the closest facility will be in Nova Scotia.All the tree planting projects get their supplies from this facility.We will have to tell our youth programme there will be no tree planting programme this year as the Wynne government didn’t think their efforts were worthy of saving.We will remember at election time.

  3. Margaret Willis says:

    Closing the Ontario Tree Seed Facility will adversely affect climate change. The Ontario government needs to rethink this closure for the good of all.

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