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Water Is Life – a mini-documentary

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Aug 1st, 2017
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from the Wellington Water Watchers

The sudden resignation of Glen Murray as Minister for Environment and Climate Change brings uncertainty to the timetable for decision about policy, guidelines and timetable for review of permits to take water. This article in the Toronto Star announces Chris Ballard will be the new Minister.

We hope we can report more to you in next week’s bulletin about the impact the change in Ministers will have on the process of reviewing permits to bottle water in Ontario.

Something that has NOT changed is public opposition to allowing Nestlé to have permits to bottle water.

As proof of continuing opposition we share this clever four minute animation created by Kanushka Sharma, Marlene Langner, and Sophia Cao of Delphi Secondary Alternative School in Toronto. They captured more critical points about water profiteering and conflict with the needs and norms of society than many experts in the field. In the end it is youth that are inheriting this issue.

They ask this critical question “Where do you draw the line between what is legal and what is ethical?”

Be sure and watch this inspiring video to its moving conclusion – where the young people announce in several different languages that ‘Water is Life!’

The creative trio who produced the Water is Life animation give credit to everyone in their Grade 9 geography class (2016/17) who participated in the video.

And they send a huge shout out to Mike Nagy of Wellington Water Watchers for answering all of their questions!

Kanushka, Marlene, and Sophia say “This documentary would not have been possible without all of these amazing people.”

Please share this widely in your networks.

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  1. Ken says:

    Water is and must be looked upon as the MOST precious resource we have on earth! How is it that some people feel nothing else matters except themselves and their lust for money! Really?

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