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New View to Election Conversation BWG and Elsewhere

In Bradford West Gwillimbury
Jul 6th, 2014

By Meade Helman

Municipal election is coming up. One would expect (at least I would) intelligent discussion around issues facing the town with candidates an incumbents alike contributing ideas and creativity. But, like most elections, what do we get? Nothing from candidates and incumbents but silly hats at public events, trying to get their picture in the newspaper or on Facebook.

They bemoan the fact that no one votes, vote for what???? Best photo? No wonder people don’t bother to vote.

How about some new ideas, creative ideas, potential solutions to the town’s issues. Here are some ideas I think have merit and this is the kind of thing I would like to hear from candidates:

1. How about trying to promote farm and food related business on the 400 lands? We are uniquely suited for business like that, and it is big business.
2. How about promoting tourism? We are ideally situated to visit Toronto especially with all day GO service coming. And as our trails develop, hikers and bikers could be attracted. What about agri-tourism? The marsh is really a unique and interesting agricultural area.
3. How about more interaction between council and residents, not just photo-ops.
4. How about fewer secret council meetings?

I know this approach is a departure from the usual promise-to-cut-taxes-and-call-the-other-person-names approach we are all used to, but aren’t you tired of that approach? I am. So what ideas do you have? Share them with the candidates and the incumbents, maybe we can change something and make voting worthwhile.

Meade Helman
Bond Head

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