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Balm Beach parking recommendations from public

In Tiny
Jul 12th, 2011
Tiny council to decide strategy August 8
By Vickie Kee AWARE Tiny July 11 2011
There was a special meeting on July 8 about Balm Beach Pay Parking Strategy. Here are some of the suggestions that were put forth by the public.
-leave the parking the way it is.
-paid and permit parking put in but leave a couple of spaces for each business.
-support the businesses.
-encourage other businesses to the area by replacing the ones that have left.
-lower the speed limit.
-fill in the ditch with a culvert.
-widen the sidewalk.
-have a certain spot to drop people off. 
A decision will be made at the Tiny Township Council meeting on Monday August 8,2011,starting at 9:00 AM.

2 Responses to “Balm Beach parking recommendations from public”

  1. Louise DiPoce says:

    I have seen different information on various websites which is very confusing. In stage 3 regular paid parking should be opened to all who want to park and pay. Washrooms should also be opened so we can wash our hands with soap and water. The port-a-potties are disgusting and a high health risk for the community! There is no longer “high risks” – as long as we follow the guidelines which is in everyone’s best interest. We need to support the businesses during the short summer season. Visitors may only be able to visit once or twice during the summer and should be welcomed. The beach and water belongs to everyone.

  2. Doug Warren says:

    The beaches of Ontario are for all of us. We are all taxpayers and have the right to access beaches. Its amazing that I ve been visiting Balm Beach for 25 years and doing business with all the local businesses . I fill up at the gas station, I have lunch at the Surf Restaurant and my kids go into the arcade. Not only that but we generally stop in Midland on our way through to the beach every time we come up and we do business there as well.

    To stop the paid parking and introduce permits is nothing more than a money grab. But then to ticket people $60 for parking on a concession road and threaten court action sounds like a police state. My gut feel is that is is not about keeping the beaches safe and less crowded during Covid. Otherwise, the paid parking would have been resumed once stage 3 was announced, As it stands I cannot come up today August 8 and pay for parking and use the beach or I will get a fine. This is all about cottagers and home owners not wanting anyone except them to have access to the beach areas and to stay out. Their lobby has worked. I am a day tripper who used to have a cottage for 60 years in Honey Harbour but do come up to Balm Beach once or twice per year beacuse it is beautiful. But the permit system is intended to keep people like me out . The fact I spend money in the area be damned , they dont care. remember that Ontario is a really big place and there are plenty of beautiful places that welcome people like myself who are willing to contribute to the economy. My guess is that when everyhting returns to normal, the meter parking at Balm Beach will be a thing of the past and that if you want to come for the day, you will have to shell out for a permit. A money grab for the Township , a death blow to the local businesses and the surrounding area. Balm Beach belongs to me, Im a taxpayer and I will come whenever I want damn the fines. I will walk the beach and enjoy myself. I will enjoy the Pickeral dinner at the surf. The will walk in front of all your cottages because that water belongs to me and always will. I will sit under my umbrella and read a book all day and enjoy a cold one. Your draconian attempts to keep me and others away wont work. We will come anyways

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