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Frustrated with NVCA talk

In Essa
Oct 24th, 2010

Letter to aware.simcoe@gmail.com October 24 2010
Are you as frustrated as me with all the NVCA talk, I can not even remember what platform Mayor David Guergis or Archie Duckworth have, (Or is there only one??). There are more issues then the NVCA AREN’T there??  Guergis and Duckworth should have used their time more wisely.
I have other issues that they have not addressed in the last month including at the debate.  Affordable housing, Food programs, Out of the cold program for the homeless and less fortunate, safe havens, affordable children’s programs, fundraising Initiatives to offset school programs for under privileged community kids.
I think there are more concerning issues facing Essa Township. My Father said ‘if you have nothing good to say then keep quite”.
Vote Wisely on October 25, they are in for 4 years; a change is better than a rest.
Robert Burton, Essa

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