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Oro-Medonte candidates name their issues

In Oro-Medonte
Oct 20th, 2010

Orillia Packet and Times October 19 2010
Coun. Mel Coutanche is acclaimed.
Economic development is also at the top of Meyer’s election issue list. With Oro-Medonte’s annual growth rate decreasing, she said economic development is essential.
“We need to increase our economic development to offset the resulting impact on residential taxes.”
If elected, she hopes to continue council’s good work in securing funding grants from provincial and federal levels of government for township projects, such as the current council’s securing of funds for the development of the Lake Simcoe Regional Airport.
She would also like to work closely with the township’s chamber of commerce in developing local businesses, helping existing local businesses and promoting them.Vandergeest’s top issue is economic development throughout the township.
“That’s one of the most important things, the economic development, because people want to have their taxes kept down. If there is no development, the taxes will increase.”
He plans to work with the city to ensure the right laws are in place to make Oro-Medonte adaptable for new people and businesses to move in.
He would also like to see the township’s road program continue.
Marty Lancaster could not be reached by The Packet & Times on Monday.
Simpson’s top issue in the township is the proposed TRY Recycling plant, a construction materials recycling operation proposed for a site on Line 7 near Old Barrie Road on the Oro moraine.
Simpson is in favour of moving forward with the proposed site.
“I’ve already taken a commitment on that to some degree when people have asked that I’m in favour of a TRY Recycling plant to be established. It’s relatively clean building materials and recycling facility and it’s going to be built with a liner to protect the groundwater at that particular location.”
He said he is happy that the current council has put a clause on the project that if something goes bad, or they don’t like the direction it’s going, they can pull the plug.
Crawford said the current council has worked well as cohesive unit over the past four years and moved forward on issues, even when they didn’t agree on them.
“(Residents) saw a council that delivered on its promises and vision for this township.”
He said his most important issues revolve around the “rising expectations” of residents who want council to finish paving gravel roads and resurfacing existing roads.
Council also needs to continue on developing and creating employment at the Lake Simcoe Regional Airport and lands across from the airport, and opening the township’s new nurse practitioner-led clinic.
“The residents expect a council to sit down early in 2011 to establish a game plan for the next four years, and all work together with a common goal for the township.”
Roehner’s main issue is protecting the township’s groundwater from the TRY Recycling plant proposed for a site on Line 7 near Old Barrie Road on the Oro moraine.
“This site is 45 feet from the aquifer and when I’m elected, I will proceed with legislation from the provincial government to protect the moraine. A similar application as the Oak Ridges moraine is being protected.”
The legislation would put a “significant interest” on the moraine, he said.
Roehner is against this particular location for the plant, not recycling or the company itself, he added.
Transparency in government is as big of an issue for Roehner, who said if there was more transparency, residents would be made more aware of township issues and not as many people would be running in this election.
Nancy Stoddart could not be reached by The Packet & Times on Monday.
Edwards also named transparency as his top issue for the upcoming election.
“There’s an appearance that we don’t have an open and transparent government, which involves meaningful public involvement… They seem to be taking the decisions to themselves without input.”
He used the examples of the proposed TRY Recycling plant and the dismissal of the township’s planning advisory committee to back up his claim.
If elected, he plans to have fewer in-camera sessions at council. He would also set up a series of Ward 5 meetings to meet with residents on a regular basis to discuss issues important to the ward and the township as a whole.
“One of the most important election issues is we elect a council that can work together. I feel that the last council worked very well as a team. When you looked around to other municipalities, we accomplished an awful lot.”
Evans said there will be a lot of surprises at the Lake Simcoe Regional Airport over the next two years.
He added that there is a possibility for tension amongst the new council because some candidates are for zero-growth while others are pro-growth.
“I have no agenda. I’m there for the betterment of Oro-Medonte and I hope that everyone else is.”
Joannie Spence could not be reached by The Packet & Times on Monday.

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